Leonardo, boob struggels, non-toxic blonde chemicals, a shower for the baby and end of isolation!

We are so close to joining civilization again!

On Wednesday, my sweet hair dresser comes to the house to make me look human again. I had no idea she made house calls but am loving how I can nurse while waiting for the color to set in (yes I’m a natural blonde!!! Just not that natural and not that blonde…and no, the highlights are NOT harmful for baby, I asked-several times, obsessively!) and get my hair cut in my own bathroom while baby sleeps in the monkey rocking chair her brother had before her. Mom obviously has to step in from time to time to hold the baby (not loving her brother’s chair for more than twenty minutes at the time and still eats every hour and a half-this new schedule is driving me bonkers). I still nurse AND give two kinds of bottles, making feeding times quite the project!

My hair dresser agrees to cut my son’s hair as well. After warning her (and throwing in some horror stories for good measure) that my son is very high energy and will under no circumstance sit still, he behaves like the perfect angel (go figure). I heard somewhere that “kids makes liars out of all of us” I don’t know who “all of us” refer to but if they mean mothers; absolutely!! She is very impressed by him and he is as sweet as can be, sitting very still as she cuts his hair (not even needing cars as a distraction!).

On Friday my husband entertains my mom and I (and nursing/bottle feeding/sleeping baby) with that wall street wolf movie with Leonardo on our big screen upstairs. I haven’t seen a movie in ages (and neither have I been much upstairs). It drags out a bit with having to boil bottles, let the dog out, get our son back to sleep after a nightmare, preventing my husband from falling asleep before the movie is done and of course feeding the baby, but we actually manage to finish the movie. I’m beyond exhausted and not sure about the message of the movie feeling slightly annoyed that the partying, money hungry, cheating, criminal and sleazy characters didn’t really get punished enough for their “bad” ways, especially since it was based on a true story (hoping my husband in finance does not pick up any bad ideas). We all go to bed, me gearing up for yet another night of no sleep.

That weekend we finally get to have our baby shower and it’s quite special that the guest of honor is in attendance! We figure out that she would have been five days old had she not come early. love seeing my sweet, sweet friends, knowing now who my true friends really are and whom I can count on! One of my best friends (who is also very pregnant) comes early to help set up and dangerously puts decorations and balloons in the ceiling while standing on our kitchen island (not our idea by the way). My other really great friend helps out with food and they both bring goodies for our party! I feel so happy and we take tons of pictures, I know I will remember this forever and I will be able to tell our little girl she was the main attraction on her own baby shower! My mom gets stuck holding her as I’m enjoying my friends, snacking on delicious food and decadent deserts, playing some guessing games (hate the other kinds of games) and of course opening all the abundance of gifts, but I don’t think she minds in the least. I get her back when feeding time rolls around of course and I get some nursing tips from my more “seasoned” (not as in old, as in boob milking experts!) friends (why doesn’t anyone ever tell you breastfeeding is so dang hard??)

I start my week of freedom off with another doctor’s appointment. Mom takes the baby again (I can get used to this…I know there is six months visas and even green cards that can be issued for mothers like mine). The obgyn nurse greets me with a hug, telling me how happy she is everything worked out so great for me, the doctor will just make sure I’m healing and “get me on my way to full recovery and resuming any and all activities” (hmm) but what she says next kind of shocks me…

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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