August heat, killer spiders and potty breaks…

August is the last month of the summer-the hottest, driest but shortest of them all. It’s like summer wants to hurry up and be over while I want it to stay. We barely had a summer to speak about and now it’s almost over. The heat, I know from experience, is here to stay though (these are the times I miss Sweden’s crisp, cold and colorful fall, full of boots and comfy sweaters).

There are bugs everywhere and husband has to call pest control to come out spraying a couple of extra rounds. I worry about the toxic fumes having okayed the non-organic version (since the organic clearly doesn’t work) but am terrified about the black widow spider I’m convinced I saw by our dog’s food bowl. I got some of my mommy powers back and killed it (the cowardly way of spraying it with Clorox (read later that’s the absolute worst technique for several reasons) until it no longer moved and then throwing my shoe at it (which just made it mad) and eventually threw some heavy books on top of the shoe! My son thought it was pretty cool but then all of a sudden got pretty concerned about the spider; “is he okay momma?” (No don’t think so), “sure, baby, he is just eh…taking a nap”. That’s how I left Mr. Spider (“mama, spiders are God’s creatures too” okaaay kid!) until daddy came home (I did check that he was not “napping” though with a sudden surge of extreme bravery). Not even the boy could make me feel bad about my rescue mission; one killer spider; gone!

I take both kids to the park in the double stroller just hoping that they won’t faint from heat exhaustion or that my son won’t run off. When we get home I google “black widows” for hours, freaking out about all the different scenarios that COULD happen if one bit one of the kids (seizures, paralysis, death). Safe to say, I did not sleep that night. Next decision; should pest control be allowed to spray inside?

No amount of air conditioner can keep the heat out and the social media site specifically for our neighborhood (“the ladies of SB”) warn about rattle snakes and coyotes. This is clearly not my favorite month, (will the dog get lethally wounded if I leave her outside?) but at least it goes by fast! It’s like something happens with time after you become a parent, it rushes by in a blur and you kind of just want to tell it to slow down so you can enjoy your kids.

That is the thing, I do want to smell the darn roses and now that we have finally landed in some semi normal reality with baby feeling better, breastfeeding on track and little boy enjoying summer school, the days seem to speed by. Every weekend is filled of kid birthday parties and I enjoy seeing my friends again and actually getting to be somewhat social! Everyone is really nice saying how big baby is (yes, she might be chunky and has inherited some rather large thighs, but you know what? She has been through a lot). I know they are just being positive and they want to make us feel good. I try to internalize that, I really do. It feels good to talk to some of my closer friends about what happened with baby’s mouth. Psychologists just like to talk you know? (Or is that supposed to be listen?).

By the end of the month when baby girl is 5 months old it’s time for preemie checks at the big hospital (as I pay for parking, I search for my “frequent buyer’s card again). First up is eyes. A special premature baby eye doctor checked them when baby was 3 months and because they weren’t developed enough, she has to check them every few months until baby girl is 3 years old. I have both kids and while baby is her happy self she has started this new thing where she won’t nurse in public. This wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t get hungry, and we all know how she gets when she is hungry. My son is extra wild and I’m having a difficult time entertaining him even with my iPhone and a bag of chips (go ahead and judge). As the wait is long we decide to go to the bathroom. Our boy is doing great with the peeing but “Nr 2” is a different story (hence the potty break BEFORE the eye appointment). He wears a pull-up but I heard that it’s the worst solution if you want your kid potty trained. Sigh, am I doing anything right nowadays?

While I frantically try to spray antibacterial sanitizer everywhere, help my boy potty and somehow nurse my frantic 5 months old standing up, of course we miss the nurse calling out my daughter name. The good thing is that her eyes are doing better, she now has the eye sight of a 3 months old (exactly two months behind).

Next up is our ear appointment, luckily the nanny can stay with our son for a few hours. My mother in law calls to graciously offer her services this weekend. Unfortunately baby only wants me, that’s right! Son’s separation anxiety started way early too and he would cry for hour with anyone but me (which is endearing just slightly exhausting and you know…high pressure). The thing is I would actually take MIL up on it (feels like I haven’t interacted with my husband in ages), if it wasn’t for the bottles. The ones baby girl is refusing to drink out of like any other normal baby would! I know it’s hard to believe, just give the kid the dang bottle right? WRONG. She screams bloody murder, refuses to take it, clams her mouth shut and actually kicks and hits me with her tiny hands (but with very sharp finger nails).

The preemie check is a hearing test and the audiology department shares an office with physical therapy for old people (I’m sorry, advanced age?). A lot of the PT patients come up to us telling me how cute my baby is. I can’t help agreeing! She is however not so cute at the actual appointment…

DSC_0050 DSC_0024 DSC_0014 IMG_3899 IMG_3902 IMG_3826 DSC_0007 IMG_3686

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