We are just doing our best here, thank goodness some fun is right around the corner!

September didn’t end on the best note with darling son eating a little white “do not eat” package (you know the ones that absorb moisture or whatever). I was unpacking an amazon box, baby on my hip as he must have snuck one in his mouth. He gave us quite the scare, I mean come on, there are sometimes skulls on those little packages… We had to call poison control, hoping it wouldn’t be poisonous and hoping it would just find it’s “natural way out”, like the ladybug (don’t ask). We are all ready to take him to the ER, thinking the worst, (we are not bad parents I swear) nervously pacing the kitchen floor. Turns out he is fine, it’s apparently not dangerous at all (please don’t let your kids eat this though-it’s certainly not good for them and you can probably find more nutrition in, I don’t know…food). Poison control asked how many he had eaten, like we stock up on them to feed our kids or something. “Just one won’t do any damage”, what a wonderful sentence. We were safe for now (after an extensive lesson in “what you can eat and what you CANNOT) at least until the next day, when our son tips a barstool over and falls head first onto the tile floor (luckily he is fine and no more sitting on barstools at breakfast…or ever).

Little boy started two new preschools at the end of August, due to the facts that 1. He couldn’t get three days at our “first choice school”, 2. He loves school and 3. Mommy loves him in school. That was unfair, I love him at home as well but he is quite the busy boy and it’s nice to get some “mommy and me time” with the baby. The good news is he has been doing better and better. Slowly getting the hang of potty training and forming little friendships. He is so sweet and gentle with his little sister, he tells everyone we meet that it’s his baby. He is so proud of her. Once he asked if another mom coming to pick up one of his friends at school with a little baby girl had stolen “my baby”, visibly upset. He was so relieved when I came with our baby girl “ok, good, there she is”. I love watching him with her. He loves having her on his lap and making her smile. He willingly shares his toys and talks to her about his school, teacher and friends. Not much of the conversation can be understood but baby girl is completely infatuated with her big brother. Her smile turns enormous whenever he is around. He also worries when she is sick or whether she is too hot or cold. The sweetness of it all! And to think I was worried about jealousy and if he would be rough with her.

Every morning my husband brings our son in bed with us. The bed gets quite full with the four of us in it, and then three when hubby leaves. Little boy wakes up first of course (it would be heaven if the kid would ever sleep past 6 am), and he yells for mama and “his baby” to wake up (very loudly). Mornings are a stressful, chaotic madness of a mess with potty going and teeth brushing, finding clean clothes that are “approved” and refusing to eat breakfast. If our boy does something bad he will blame “the ghost” or our dog. He sure loves school though because if I threaten to have him stay home, he will usually do everything I ask him to (hey, what is a mom supposed to do?), except eat. The food refusal is more than frustrating, it’s a constant battle and source of worry.

I  usually tell my little boy to remind me to strap him in his car seat . I forgot one time (ONE, and I drove about 2 meters before remembering) but he won’t let me forget it. One morning after strapping baby in and then telling him to remind me, I tell him how important it is for everyone to be buckled in in the car. He looks at me for a while and then says “But who straps mama in?

On Fridays (if little man has had a good school day) we go through the Mc Donald’s drive thru for a Happy Meal (let the judging begin). Usually it’s more about the toys than the food. Fries is one of my son’s maybe three (total) food groups so we let it slide for now (in total fear that he will actually starve to death). Today he has his heart set on the animal toys (huge animal fan). As we pull up to the first screen to say our order the man asks “for a boy or a girl?” Naturally I reply “boy”. In the meantime my guy has figured out that the animals are actually the girl toys so he yells from his car seat in the back “I’m a girl, I’m a girl!!!”

DSC_0664  DSC_0632  DSC_0603 (2) DSC_0563 DSC_0534 (2) DSC_0444  DSC_0054 DSC_1013 DSC_1040 DSC_1026 DSC_0003 DSC_0010

October is finally a fun month! It’s hot and sunny but not too hot. All the crawly, creepy “guests” have seemed to disappear outdoors as well as in. Our girl is fat and happy and approaching the robust golden age of babyhood, 7 months. Our boy seems to be fully potty trained (no more embarrassing accidents) and settled in at school! Mom is coming to visit right around Halloween and I’m able to focus on costumes, pumpkins, parties and candy (some of my most favorite stuff!). We dress up, we go to school parades, we go to Halloween themed restaurants and amusement parks, we celebrate with friends and we go trick or treat. What a great month…if only the luck and happiness could continue.

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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