It doesn’t…continue…
November is not exactly the best month we ever had. First of all my period comes back with a vengeance. Stop reading right now if you are squeamish…but unless I tell you about the total bloodbath that suddenly appears every time I run to the restroom- and I do, a lot, you couldn’t imagine the complete picture. Suddenly my bladder has grown smaller, there is definite leakage and…let’s just say the postpartum super duper extra long, thick…extra everything (aka “diapers”) are back for seven whole days  SEVEN!

Of course that is not everything that is going on, the headaches, the cramping, the fever (you heard me), the vomiting and extreme moodiness are all in addition to the heavy blood loss. Mr. (or Mrs.) Goggle has the audacity to call it “normal” though (unless you are hemorrhaging, miscarrying an unknown baby or having ovarian cancer of course). I feel the need to say that in no way shape or form am I comparing myself or my simple monthly pity pain to women with these problems but simply trying to make a point about how Google likes to “chatastrophise” things to make you (unnecessarily) freak out even more.

Funny how I should bring up my suffering first- maybe my period has “egocentric” as another side effect- but I feel it’s a “good” way to frame what a totally miserable month November is. My monthly flow and the numbers on my bathroom scale or my overall bitchiness are not the only things making me depressed- my poor kids are sick. Not just plain colds either, I’m talking bleeding strep throats, ear infections on steroids and a raging flu. It’s a miracle that I don’t get sick. I’m starting to actually believe in the miracle that is breast feeding.

I feel so bad for my littlest man but he is obviously dragging home all these illnesses from school. The only good thing is that baby is older (and bigger) now and better able to handle it. But she is still so little and she catches everything he has but worse. Her fever gets higher, her illnesses last longer and she is completely miserable. Never stops smiling though. Nights are waking nightmares of trying to soothe sick babies and daytime is a chaotic mess if having to take care of everyone’s needs. We can barely catch a break until he comes home with another illness. Our son goes to school a grand total of five days in the ninth of November (and when he does go, he just gets sick all over again).

I’m starting to hate his school and the sick kids going there, and the patents for letting them go. The kids pediatrician tells me that “everyone is sick” and that “it’s that time if year”. We come to see her every single week for five weeks in a row, I mean, I doubt that is “normal”. It’s reaching a point where I can’t even remember what “normal” is anymore…or healthy. We don’t only miss out on school, we miss family time, weekend fun and play dates as well.

Thanksgiving is a welcome break spent with family but both the kids are coughing and I keep feeling like we shouldn’t be there even if they haven’t had a fever for 48 hours. I just keep hoping they don’t get anyone else sick.

By the end of November, our girl is 8 months but we forget to notice in our germ bubble. The kids get diagnosed with “hand/foot and mouth” decease, which sounds absolutely dreadful and something I never even heard of. We don’t have that in Sweden. I can’t believe it either because both their hands (four) and feet (four) are fine but apparently this is the mouth “edition” . This version has fun components like big watery blisters down the throat making it difficult to eat and swallow. That is just perfect for our food refusing boy and our baby who needs to keep her weight.

By the end if the month, baby gets diagnosed with the dreaded (especially for infants and preemies) RSV and yet another UTI. Great, another trip to the hospital, not only to check in baby’s kidneys (again) but now also her lungs.

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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