And here I was thinking I was pretty good at the “mommy gig”…

Well, that explains it, (here we go again) baby has the “nastiest ear infection” her pediatrician has ever seen. She hasn’t had much of a fever and other that the crying at my birthday dinner, hardly no other signs or symptoms. I feel bad, bad, bad.

Little girl’s doctor calls her “really sick” which makes me feel even worse and slightly taken off guard since the only reason I even took her in was the crying, staying up all night and stuffy nose (which was no big deal whatsoever). I seriously thought I was being “paranoid momma”. Here I am being faced with yet another secondary infection and yet another round of antibiotics for my little one. It seems like every time I take my kids to their doctor in a panic, it’s “not that bad” and every time I think they have a “common cold” its way more serious. I’m wondering if other mom’s ever experience the same thing? And here I was thinking I was pretty good at this “mommy gig”.

We have just stopped her regular penicillin which she took every day to prevent infection and I guess her little body just couldn’t handle it. She wasn’t ready to fight off another infection with her own immune system. Part of me feels that she should be on antibiotics until her body gets stronger, to be protected, but part of me knows how dangerous that is. You have to give the immune system a chance to fight off “the bad guys”. The less they work- the less they work. Baby girl needs her immune system to grow stronger (not weaker) so it will help kill off illnesses with bad intentions.

This time little sister gets big brother sick for a change (ear infection and all). Again, I’m home with not one, but two sick, miserable kids. I’m pretty miserable myself, I want to go do Christmas stuff with my kids and we are missing a ton of fun happenings yet again being stuck inside. Lots of iPad, snacks and apple juice unfortunately.

The thing is my darling husband has planned a trip in the midst of everything-which is thoughtful and nice, but the timing is just so off. The whole thing was planned as a surprise vacation and he won’t tell me where we are going (I guess that’s the point of surprises…). I don’t know if we are going to hot or cold weather, if it’s near or far, if we are going by plane, train or automobile. I’m ungratefully frustrated, especially since he sweetly planned this trip for me while I was going through such a hard time with the bed rest, delivery and postpartum infection. I just don’t have a clue what to pack and since I am a planner by nature it’s just so…well…frustrating (I’m even frustrated with myself for feeling frustrated).

I should feel excited, I love traveling and I have loved my husband’s surprise trips in the past. With two sick kids at home with nothing to do and with no one to talk to I just feel slightly overwhelmed.

A couple of days before our big surprise trip we go back to the doctor and I’m just hoping everything will look good and that their ears have healed. Especially since we just found out that we are flying!


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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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