For the love of…Snow

There is a ton of friction between darling husband and myself right before the trip. I know it’s ridiculous because this is supposed to be a welcome break from everyday life and we are supposed to be a team and a loving couple taking our lovely family on an amazing vacation. Unfortunately reality doesn’t always match up with how things are “supposed to be”.

A couple of days before, hubby tells us that we are going to “cold”. I secretly hoped for “warm” but am being extremely unfair since I have been dropping hints about missing Sweden, the seasons and especially the cold winter weather this time of year. Something is definitely missing for me when you celebrate Christmas without snow amongst the palm trees. So fine, cold it is!

The kid’s pediatrician isn’t exactly thrilled about the trip, the plane ride or the “cold” and insists on seeing them the day before AGAIN to check ears and baby’s lungs and urine (just in case). She is not convinced the antibiotics are working their magic because especially little girl’s ears still don’t look good. But what are we going to do? The trip is all booked and paid for. The Kid’s daddy says that “we will of course stay home if we are jeopardizing the kid’s health in anyway” but at the same time it’s seems a little extreme to cancel the whole entire surprise winter vacation because a couple of ear infections. We carry on, plan on going and hope for the best.

I frantically go out and get winter clothes for all of us (after willing my son to fit into last season’s snow suit-no such luck) despite the kids still being sick. They are both on second doses of antibiotics (responding well… luckily after an especially bad bout of diarrhea) fever-free and much better but I still feel bad dragging them to the mall. It’s also hard, trying on stuff alone with a baby and a preschooler. Planning (being a “natural born planner), organizing and finally packing for this vacation is no cake walk. Nothing about this does exactly feel “restful”.

It was supposed to be a wonderful surprise and I’m working on myself and my secret resentment about this trip feeling like MORE work, not less. I really want to have a great attitude, seem (and actually feel) thankful, stress free and happy. I can’t even imagine this being a relaxing trip though with two still sick kids, one being extremely wild three teal old and the other one a teething, nursing preemie. Traveling by plane with two kids under four- oh joy!

Finally the day before, I have time to get excited! It’s true, I can actually feel it. Yes, it’s hard work but this vacation is a welcomed break! We can do this. Snow around Christmas will be awesome after all. I am starting to get used to the idea. I love snow, and think about how much fun our son will have with it, and how many Christmassy things we will be able to do. Snow here we come! Bring on the sleigh rides, the snowmen and the snowball fights! This will be great! The kids will look so cute in their snow gear (nobody will be able to tell that I haven’t lost the baby weight under all that clothing) and maybe hubby and I will have the chance to re-connect by an after ski fire place with some yummy hot coco (not sure where the kids fit into that picture). All children love snow, I can’t wait to “introduce” them to it (baby’s first snow!) I’m really actually switching all ideas about warmer weather and am starting to really look forward to a white winter wonderland!

As I’m packing (in a way better mood now) my amazing husband hesitantly lets me know that…it is actually not currently snowing at this mystery location… Actually, there is no snow at all. And the weather forecast for the week shows temperatures in the mid-forties to fifties with absolutely no chance of snow. Terrific!!!

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About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

2 responses to “For the love of…Snow

  1. Weather is such a source of stress! When I was pregnant with my 1-year-old, it was during one of the snowiest winters in the Philadelphia area in the last several years! I definitely can appreciate the beauty, but I really could pass on the inconvenience!

    Thanks goodness your destination is snow-free!


    • Yes, weather can be an issue and I can see that being hard while pregnant dealing with tons of snow as well as with little kids. I just like snow around the holidays and more the idea of snow than the actual snow LOL.
      Thanks for sharing and for reading 🙂


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