Winter wonderland…

First off our luggage does not arrive (from this direct flight), second of all there are no rental cars available. Guess who gets to watch two kids who are OVER IT while hubby tries to fix things?

We finally get a car hours later (and it’s a nice suburban SUV) and head towards Park City! Ok, time to let myself get excited (even if the grounds are bare). The hotel is a huge, beautiful resort that definitely fill my needs for “cozy” and “Christmassy” (even without the snow…no, really!) but it seems to be located in the middle of nowhere and the room leaves a lot to be desired. It is small, has two narrow beds, an old school bulky TV that doesn’t seem to be working properly and the walls are apparently paper thin (which will be ideal with a crying baby and screaming preschooler). The property has pools and tennis courts, stables, ski rentals, shuttles to the slope and a state of the art spa…which is all very nice but not exactly kid friendly.

The Lobby has so many hazards my head spins. Our son runs from the fountain to the huge Christmas tree, to the large gingerbread house display to the hot apple cider and back again- being extra loud and obnoxious. I don’t know whether to worry more about him or the elaborate decorations (probably the second).  Oh dear! This will be so much fun I think to myself, juggling baby, stroller and luggage while husband is checking us in, making sure to ask about the weather (in this case the apparent lack of snow at this ski resort).

Within hours of arriving to our room, we get two noise complaints (out of three possible…this will be a long week! And what happens after three?) all courtesy of our oldest. Then he breaks the sink…

Next day’s breakfast in the grand salon is also special after a night of no sleep whatsoever (baby was up all night, eating and crying, playing and laughing- slept too much during the day apparently and extra sensitive to her new surroundings) and the boy stayed up passed midnight. Our son is making a mess, running and shouting and then we run…and shout to try to stop him from, well running and shouting. He is more under the table then sitting by it, he is climbing all over us, he is crumbling food and playing with the salt, pepper and sugar substitutes. I can actually physically feel the stares and hear the whispers. We have turned into “those parents”, unable to handle our own offspring. I don’t know whether people are mad at us or actually pity us. I feel totally out of control as our son, completely satisfied (well at least until the next tantrum over the after dinner chocolate we tell him he can’t have) standing up in his seat, dipping his bacon in his yoghurt.

We are creative in finding snow and snap pictures like desperate people who have never seen snow before (hello, grew up in Sweden people!). There is man-made stuff up in the slopes. We go tubing-which contrary to my husband’s belief is a huge disappointment to our son (since we paid for two hours, I get stuck- again, with both kids on the freezing cold icy backside of the slope! Hmm…eh, photo op!).

We go sleighing in the snow with Santa- well minus the snow, and walk through a winter wonderland (yes, I’m being redundant) complete with Christmas trees and tiny elves.

We spend some time in Park City which we actually all enjoy. There are tons of cute cafés and coffee shops and we are getting great recommendations from family and friends who have been here before. We go for pleasant walks with the stroller and we go shopping and browsing the many souvenir shops, unfortunately we get yelled at for taking family pictures in the snow (yes, snow!) on private property and for our son knocking over an entire toy display.

Our last day we want to spend in town (vowing that when we come back-we really want to, we’ll stay in the city). I plan for a whole day of breakfast and shopping and sleighing, (fake snow is actually not that bad) and lunch with ice cream after (at this famous ice cream shop). Well, I guess plans change slightly-you have to be flexible especially with kids…

IMG_6138 IMG_6139 IMG_6140 IMG_6150 IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6161 IMG_6176 IMG_6178 IMG_6180 IMG_6182

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