More Christmas, stroller crashes, picky eater to mall pick me ups and strange noises…

Once home from our trip it’s time to focus on my favorite holiday, Christmas! I love this time of year (with or without snow). There is a Swedish song talking about “more Christmas” (basically about completely going overboard) and that is so me, more decorations, more twinkling lights, more gingerbread cookies, more Christmas candy and hot chocolate and “glogg” (Swedish hot, spiced wine) and more gift (I do actually love giving more than receiving though). In case anybody is now wondering, yes I do know, acknowledge and celebrate the “real reason for the season” (thank you very much!) but there is no reason you can’t go a tiny bit overboard with the celebration, right!?

We go to the Swedish school’s yearly Christmas party and it’s so nice to see all our friends, eat, sit and laugh a bit. Our son is dressed as a little Santa, running around, dancing with his friends as well as happily “fishing” for candy (another Swedish tradition where you “fish” for a candy bag with a fishing pole). I find real comfort in hanging out with other people with little kids, who can relate to you and what you are going through at this stage of life.

Too bad I have to spend the week left until Christmas re-sleep training my little one. After having slept on me on our trip, I feel like we are back to square one. Hearing her cry is heart wrenching and something I will never ever get used to. She wants and needs me and I want to be there for her but I’m making it worse I think, for both of us. We both need our sleep. I just can’t stand not picking her up when she is “calling” for me. I know I’m giving in and that she is not only old enough but NEEDS to learn how to self sooth but it’s just so dang hard. The time difference (although small) messes with both the kiddos which translate into even less sleep for mama. Their dad works every day until Christmas Eve because he took time off for our vacation (something I didn’t realize) and of course our boy has no school.

Naturally we all get nasty colds just in time for Christmas (complete with hacking coughs, disgusting nasal discharge and sore throats). This is the first real cold I’ve had in a year and I forgot how grumpy you get and how sick you really feel- add two whiny kids and a husband to that equation…Sleep, I miss you with a longing I didn’t know was possible! I actually have to dig deep to remember to be thankful that it’s just a cold and that the kids don’t get any secondary infections this time and that they aren’t sicker than they are.

The day before Christmas we feel well enough to go out and get a couple of last minute stuff. Thank goodness I’m a planner and have everyone’s gift already! I take the kids to the Mall and like a miracle it’s not as crazy as I feared (maybe because it’s early morning…if you can’t sleep why not “do the next best thing” right!). Naturally it’s busy and we have to circle around for a parking spot, but ones we find one we are all good. Once I have everyone and EVERYTHING out of the car (will I ever get used to this?) we stroll towards the first store on my list.

This man comes out of nowhere. I see him running pretty fast and suddenly he looks back and our paths cross. This is the weirdest thing ever and quite scary (I don’t even want to think about what could have happened). He obviously doesn’t see us. I have both kids in the double stroller (the attached car seat and attached extra seat in front of it). He comes running BOOM!, straight into our traveling circus (except it’s not funny because my kids could have gotten hurt). Instead of knocking the stroller over, he is the one flying over the side of the stroller (while grabbing a hold of my wrist in the process). My heart is wildly beating, checking if my babies are okay. I’m thanking the sturdiness of the stroller as I’m holding my throbbing hand and glancing towards the man on the ground clutching his ankle and swearing. Well, maybe look where you are going buddy! Quite the crowd has formed. Well, good let them take care of him!

I  feel shaken and am just so glad my kids are okay that I don’t even want to confront this man about running straight into us.

My son is the pickiest eater in the entire world (the word “picky” doesn’t even cut it) but he will “accept” a couple of bites of a “Subway” sandwich (just bread with cheddar cheese toasted-nothing else) IF he gets a cookie after (don’t judge!) As we stand in line this “twenty something” guy tries to pick me up (I’m serious!). It’s laughable since I’m standing there with quite the entourage, stroller, diaper bag, eh kids! Baby weight and all!! He goes for it though, saying he doesn’t mind the kids and that he would strive to be a great “manly role model” (really dude, you are just a kid yourself, besides aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves here?). I don’t know whether to be flattered or scared, “does he not see the rock on my left finger?” I try to laugh it off and I let him know that I would have liked that (eh hmm) if I wasn’t married. He actually seemed disappointed (hello, what about my greasy hair, extra pounds, yoga pant look?). Well, let’s just say people are into different things…and why, oh why did he assume I was a single mom?? Anyways A for effort!

DSC_0768 DSC_0798 DSC_0805 DSC_0808 DSC_0810 DSC_0812 DSC_0815 DSC_0824 DSC_0826

As we leave (only made it to one store-it was time to leave…) my son asks me about the sound the car makes as we pull out of the parking lot “mama what’s that noises?” yes what is that indeed?…

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