chocolate bombs, manipulative babies, godesses, dinosaurs and ready for the vacation of a lifetime!

So yeah, me and my “lob” have fun at the costume work event for about an hour (not even long enough to finish dinner). The nanny that we brought to our downtown hotel room (aren’t “staycations” the best!) is hysterically texting for us to come back. My husband is about to walk on stage to receive an award (apparently he is pretty good at what he does) and we haven’t even had dessert yet (dark chocolate “bombs” with liquid white chocolate, marzipan and raspberry sauce…yes, exactly!) but I know our nanny would never text if it wasn’t an emergency. I longingly look after my husband as he is in line to go on stage (to be honest my eyes are nowhere near my husband…but at my “chocolate bomb” and pear/ginger tea).

In the elevator I get asked if I’m some sort of “sex Goddess” and if I just came from a toga party… Well, all rightly then!

From that to my frantically crying almost ten months old! I guess she noticed mama (and her boobs) left the room! Catastrophe!! She momentarily stops crying as I take her (of course) and I tell the poor nanny to finish eating her “room service meal”. Then I tell her to order me some dessert (yes, people…I have no shame).

As I feed my little one after she very impatiently waited for me to get my crown with candles and the very borrowed, very white night gown off, she eats like there is no tomorrow amongst satisfied little sights, tugging (not so gently at my hair…grabbing fistfuls) with her little hands. I listen to my son excitingly explaining some dinosaur TV show (it’s all dinosaurs right now). Then he tiredly (passed his bed time) leans against me, happily pointing to the TV screen. I feel warm and loved and needed and exactly where I am supposed to be.

Baby girl does great at her pediatric and developmental therapy appointments! She is all smiles- my pretty pink princess, and the nurses and therapists are gushing about her long eyelashes, chubby cheeks and sweet disposition. We receive an “all clear” even if she can’t crawl yet (due to a common preemie hip problem that will fix itself with age) and has a difficult time standing even if holding on to something. She tests like an 8 months old but they tell me not to worry at all. She can however pick up small objects with her fingers (as well as take her socks off) especially if that something is food (my little “foodie”) and apparently that is an 11 months’ skill!

Mom comes back for a spur of the moment trip and we are delighted to have her. It’s a perfect two weeks stay including a lot of little field trips with the kiddos. Our little boy’s highlight is definitely the zoo, oh the absolute joy of showing grandma “momo” all the animals!

Facebook-20150415-104633 Facebook-20150415-104644 Facebook-20150415-104651 Facebook-20150415-104740 Facebook-20150415-104750

As mom leaves we start to plan the trip of a lifetime. Is it February already? How did that happen? Is our daughter really approaching her very first birthday? Did we almost survive “the first year”? A couple of days after we’ll be back from the trip it will be exactly a year since I went into the hospital and put on bed rest.

Naturally we are nervous for this vacation-it is so far away! But we have planned it for so long and there is no way that we are missing out on this great adventure! A week before, both kids get nasty cold (of course they do). I get sick myself derailing packing and planning (which annoys me to no end).

As the colds get better and I can breathe easier (double meaning here), the baby wakes up in the early morning but she is unable to open her pus filled, swollen shut eyes…

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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