Making an impression at all the doctors’ offices around town…

I realize that baby girl must have some sort of eye infection and search for some more info online (the newest medical book readily available to neurotic mommies everywhere).

First of all I’m keeping my son home from school (just in case) and tell him not to touch baby sister (next to impossible request, I know), then I cancel all playdates for the upcoming days.

I don’t know if this warrants a hysterical call to her doctor or not. I gently clean her eyes with water, however as the day goes on it still doesn’t get better. Can you believe it, our baby girl is still smiling though. I talk it over with my mom and we decide together that if it looks the same (or gasp, worse!) the following day, I should definitely take her in. My poor baby!

Yes, I am that mom who hysterically calls and calls…and calls the next morning. Waiting on hold until the clock strikes 9 am and they actually open. Baby looks awful! Her eyes are so swollen it looks like she has been in a particularly nasty bar fight! She still doesn’t seem depressed but seeing her makes her mommy cry! Even my son is visibly upset by little sis’ appearance. “Mama, look at baby eyes, ay, ay, ay”

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Well, she has a severe case of conjunctivitis and it’s extremely contagious…yes but of course, brother gets it. All we can do is expose both kiddos to more antibiotics and let them work their magic (good or bad, they are definitely necessary in this case).

The following week its mommies turn to go to the doctor. I’m due for a check-up and I have of course been neglecting to go for way too long. I have certain issues to bring up and was hoping to chat with the doc alone for a bit (no I don’t have any weird disease…I’m simply talking about some uninterrupted adult time for me…even if it’s with my doctor…eh, no not like that…) but unfortunately our nanny has some exam and can’t make it.  So here we go just me and my two babies trying to go see mama’s doctor.

The wait alone is almost killing us (all three of us). The boy can’t sit still and keeps being loud and spreading his toys out. Baby has started to “talk” loudly lately mixed in with little delightful (extra high volume) high pitched, random screams. She has also developed quite the “sassy” little attitude and just like her brother she is not fond of the word “no”. She also get extremely restless sitting in the carrier for long periods (not to mention hot and sticky).

They can’t take my weight (oh too bad…) with baby strapped to me and boy in hand (he graciously offer to jump on the scale). Waiting some more in the room, baby wants to eat and big brother wants to explore by opening drawers and yes-taking stuff out. In the middle of “don’t open that, close that” and “do NOT touch that”, the doctor comes in. She is fortunately nice enough to praise me about my kids’ behavior (eh…hmm) and looks.

Surprisingly, both kids do okay if you overlook baby’s loud smacking (hitting…or more like pounding my boob for more milk…table manners!) and the boy talking more than the doctor and I combined. What is even more surprising (read embarrassing) is what happens when we leave…

The surprise being, it’s NOT my son who creates a scene…

As we walk out, little girl has apparently grabbed a hold of the clear paper sheet that lays on the “examination bed” (you know the one) and I don’t realize that it stuck to my purse. As I realize (too late) I try to save the situation by getting it unstuck, managing to swing my purse into a huge painting on the wall that (naturally) falls to the ground with a loud noise-making the baby cry (or maybe it was that I stole “her” sheet). The toy that (I thought was securely fastened) hangs from my purse flies into the open office area where several nurses have to take cover as to not get hit. Keep in mind this is a heavy plastic music toy that could have done some real damage. As I now try to both apologize and lift the heavy painting back (I see that the frame has broken), the doctor trips over the clear sheet nearly falling flat on her face but I catch her,  baby in the carrier  nearly falling out. The doctor is by now frantically telling me to leave the painting alone and just leave. I think all the nurses agree as two of them usher us out to the lobby. I profusely apologize of course but they just want us gone. True story! My husband says “you can’t make this s*it up”

photo 4

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