Nip Slip…and travel fever

Unfortunately my week doesn’t end there as far as embarrassments. While at the grocery store, baby in carrier, boy in hand AND cart full of food- baby girl decides that she is hungry! It’s not that she announces her hunger to the whole store, that would have been way better, no, she shows the whole store…

This girl is determined to eat (more like “snack” since I fed her right before we left home to come here) AND she knows where to find the good stuff! If I only had a hand available to stop her…or at least am fast enough but NO. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction! Except it’s more like announcing my daughter’s bad eating habit; hello I snack between meals and have (as usual) no table manner, exposing mama in the process.

I think even my son knows my boob should not hang loose like that in public, looking at me with his huge brown eyes (moooom!). I actually see people staring and it’s way worse than when he looked through my purse in the checkout line (yes, same store) a little over a year ago, finding a tampon and loudly (and persistently) asking me what it was and even dropping it a few times when I tried to snatch it back! Yes this is way worse (and I thought I was “over” getting embarrassed). It’s not that a “taboo” and “naked” part of me is out for the world to see (well, yeah a little bit) but more the fact that it’s not socially acceptable. I feel like the only nursing mother in the universe (well at least the only one who can’t feed her baby discreetly, professionally and without bothering anyone). I feel illogically upset with my baby, and here I am trying to fly under the radar and be tasteful following all social norms. I said tasteful little girl…not tasty!

I don’t know how many seconds I’m bare and exposed (just like Tara Reid I don’t notice until I feel the coolness…despite my boobs being very real). I let go of my son’s hand and then the cart (feels like slow motion), this is when I feel her latching on (oblivious to the situation or the stir she is causing). I tell myself nobody is really looking but a lot of people definitely are. I unlatch my hungry (“snacky”) baby, pull my nursing bra up and then my dress! Great! Sorry, sorry for line 4’s tasteless entertainment people! What a “nip slip”.

I’m sorry, I know I’m getting away from us going on the adventure of a lifetime. This is just the week leading up to our trip. Kids were sick, I went to my doctor and I flashed poor innocent people at the grocery store. It is now just a couple of days before our long journey and both kids get sick again, AGAIN!!!

It’s like a nightmare and there is no backing out of this trip now. I had finally managed to pack everything but last minute stuff and we were all so excited about going away together- happy and healthy!

The kids haven’t even finished their antibiotics so I don’t understand how they got sick all over again. Just a few days ago, baby couldn’t even open her eyes and until yesterday there was no school for our son. Could this be a secondary infection to the severe eye infection? It doesn’t make sense…

Two night before we are supposed to go on a plane for 2+15 hours (not counting the two hour layover), our boy runs a fever of 104. Next day it is little miss’ turn. I call for an emergency appointment at their doctors’ office. After a few “complications” not being able to see the kids’ regular doctor, she sees us on her lunch break. Pneumonia! We are not even allowed to leave the country until we see her the follow morning, especially since baby has water in her lungs.

Another round of antibiotics (just great!).

And then the afternoon before leaving, in the midst of packing the very last things, I get sick. We go see the pediatrician and “fortunately” get a very hesitant “okay” to flying. Luckily my doctor is able to squeeze me in for an after-hours appointment. She gives me the antibiotics right away, saying I should be in bed all week recovering (well, not possible…). She is concerned that I will barely have time to get two doses of the medicine in me before we fly. Any anti-congestive medicine or mucus stuff (sorry, so gross) can’t be taken while nursing!

We have so many reasons to look forward to this flight (not), I almost beg my husband to cancel it the morning of (impossible of course). I’m worried about the baby’s lungs, both kid’s ears and I have to admit…mine! I’ve had them pop before (yellow, liquid pus and all- here I go again with the grossness) and except childbirth it is the most painful thing (seriously!).

But now we are on our way to the airport!

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

4 responses to “Nip Slip…and travel fever

  1. My family is Mexican, and we travel often to Mexico. Once as a kid, I was very ill. I slept through the flight. My uncle is a doctor, and he came over to the house as soon as we arrived. It was nice to be cared for by my entire family. Hope things work out.


  2. Eh, don’t be embarrassed just because she thinks you are a buffet table! She’s just doing her job. 🙂


    • Oh, I know! You are def right!!! It’s more the way other people around us react :/
      Who cares tho…I wish I didn’t at all! I have every right to feed my baby!
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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