We have arrived!!!!

Apparently I tested positive for magnesium and am not even allowed to hold my daughter while they ask me to wait…and just like that I’m cleared and we can continue running.

We make the flight (even my magnesium hands do)- barely and only because husband dearest has to call our travel agent and “explain” (yell) the situation. The whole plane has to wait for us (oh the joy when they realize it’s a cranky couple with two small (even crankier) kids.

The first problem is the bags (they won’t fit anywhere) and the second the kid’s antibiotics. The flight attendants refuse to refrigerate them because of liability (eh, I guess that makes sense…). We have to keep asking for ice (that melts) to put in our breastmilk bag (I’m glad I thought of that or the medicine wouldn’t have “survived”). The 15 hour flight goes surprisingly well. We are beyond proud of our littlest man. He works the attached TV in his seat like a pro (barely touches his iPad) colors, plays with his dinosaurs, eats (well…), uses the bathroom and walks around in the plane without running too much! Overall his behavior is more than above average. Our son is growing up!

Little miss has a hard time sleeping though which means little sleep for momma! Her ears hurt and I hurt for her- luckily I only feel the pain during take-off and landing and can soothe my baby by breastfeeding A LOT!

Yes, I get the “can you please cover up because someone is uncomfortable” again! I’m sorry, is me feeding my hungry baby bothering you??

As soon as we land the warm air envelopes us and happy people greet us- it instantly makes me feel better! Of course we missed the last bus to the hotel but since another one was called right away, it’s barely worth mentioning (we did have to wait with all the luggage, stroller, car seats and hungry, tired – because the flight was no place to sleep apparently, on the curb though). The bus driver is looking and acting exactly like a good bus driver should- big, loud and happy! (We have a Swedish song about a good-natured bus driver and this one fits the description to a tee). Both kiddos asleep, husband and I thoroughly enjoy the driver’s history lesson as we drive towards Sydney!

It is beautiful here and historic and cozy and warm and breathtaking. I am so excited to be spending the week here and already wish we could stay longer! As we reach the gorgeous metropolitan Four Seasons overlooking Sydney Harbor and the Opera House, smack in the middle of old town and down town I feel giddy. This city has culture, city pulse, trendy people, ocean breeze and beaches all in one.

Reaching our perfect big, comfortable room, (on the 32nd floor) my main man asks if Australians speak a different language! Even though I’m laughing (being used to British English which is what Swedes are taught in school which is very similar after all) but he does have a point. We just tipped the bellman who kept calling my husband “bloke” and “mate” and the kids “Joeys” then saying “cheers” (thanks) and “ace” (apparently “excellent”). I like it though and I also like that I understand more than my husband does (gives me the upper hand ha ha).

After having changed and showered, we go down to the ballroom for some tea (which isn’t tea at all but dinner). We get complimentary “sunnies” (sunglasses), we get to speak to a tour guide and I (aka “the planner) get to plan our week. Our son eats about 3 small (tiny…really) bags of “chicken flavored” chips for dinner (it’s a “pick your battles thing”, trust me) and the rest of us have some kangaroo (just kidding I would never… but they did serve it). Back in our room, our babies take a bath- all smiles. Then we all go to bed happy but exhausted!
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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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