SPA VIP only!!!

I have the great idea of taking a peek at the pool before I decide if it’s worth my time (being away from my family and all). Wearing the thin and short spa robe with nothing underneath (but of course I couldn’t just have jumped into my swimsuit…that might have seemed unnecessary…hmm), I determinedly walk towards the white door marked “pool and spa”. I open the door but all I see is a staircase, “it must lead up to these amazing pools and hot tubs designated for the spa” I think to myself as I let the door close behind me. Let me emphasize- the door closes behind me!

I don’t think much about it as I walk up the stairs, thin robe on, swimsuit dangling from my hand. Okay, wow! This is not some spa pool and hot tubs…this is the huge hotel pool for ALL guest! And it is FULL of people. Families with kids, men, women of all ages, most of whom are now peering curiously at me and my white robe and black swimsuit- which (I might as well add again) is not on my body (but in my hand). Okay, okay! This feels embarrassing, but all I have to do is backtrack down the stairs red faced and ever so slightly humiliated but fine…right?


Well, not wrong per say, but remember that door that I came out of? The door that CLOSED behind me? Well, that door is now not only closed but LOCKED! And I don’t have a key. It seems like you can’t even use a key but one of those electronic key cards or maybe the answer is as simple as the hotel room key card. Except it’s not simple at all because I don’t have any key card…

I desperately look for another way out, trapped between the huge hotel pool area with all the people and the very locked door (I tried yanking it open several times, trust me) back to the hotel spa. I actually feel close to tears. It’s not like I have a cell phone in this country in a different continent. The country where they apparently lock out innocent people of their hotel spas. And whom would I call anyways, the spa? Ehm, excuse me I’m trapped here! Or my husband? Please bring the kids with you into the male (yes male!) locker room, find the pool and spa door, open it and save me!

Anyways, as we established, I don’t have a phone (nor do I have any phone numbers, should I miraculously get one). I try to remember if there was a changing area by the pool? I don’t remember seeing one (I was so focused with all the people gaping at me and all). Maybe there is not another changing room if they use the spa’s locker rooms but do they? If I just wait here, maybe someone with a key will come. Surely they would let me follow them back into the spa right?

Ten minutes later and no one has walked down the stairs towards where I’m standing in the small space by the locked door leading back to the spa, the locker room and my clothes.

The happy pool people must all have their room keys to open the locker room doors to change their clothes, but the spa seemed so exclusive (with their schedule and all). Maybe, there is another changing area on the other side of the pool after all (I really don’t want to go back out there) where I could change into my swimsuit and then find my way back to the spa to get back into the locker room and my clothes…so I can finally reunite with my family.

“Me-time” is highly overrated, why did I have to go and do this?

I look around for another door somewhere (you would think that I would have found it already with all the time spent here) and get hysterically excited (read manically laughing) when I see a small door underneath the staircase. It is marked “employees only” though and is probably locked! It is not!

But as I open it, a small room full of people (fully dressed people) turn to absolutely stare at me. I swallow hard and manage (barely) to squeeze by them (in my very thin, very short robe-swim suit in hand). Nobody says anything, I guess they haven’t seen an erratic mama escaping her spa day before! They all seem pretty shocked as I stumble through their meeting. I think these people are the hard working hotel cleaning crew, and I’m sure I could have asked them about the way back to the spa.

Instead I hurry for the only exit I see. I reach for the door, walk through it and now I’m in…

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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