“take away basket”

It is now our very last evening in Sydney as we are flying back home tomorrow. I’m dreading the flight and even getting back to everyday life, struggles and chores, routines and trivia. I’m am excited however to have both my parents and my sister come out for our special baby girl’s very first birthday!

It’s already March, which is unbelievable! A year ago I was in so much emotional pain and I worried every day that this would be the day our daughter would be born prematurely. Every day mattered. She measured so incredible tiny in all the ultrasounds that she might not have even made it had she come out right away. Such an impossible, unbearable able thought.

There I was on hospital bed rest for over four weeks and she managed to hold on and stay in. What a remarkable little lady! And she still is. And it has almost been a year since a different kind of pain (let’s face it) brought me this perfect baby, who has brought our entire family closer than ever and the love we have for her knows no bounds.

Our week in Australia was perfect, despite little mishaps (the flight, the long trip to the sheep farm and missing the kangaroos, not being able to get our son “just the bread” at subway OR chips with the meal, being sick when we arrived, sleeping four in the same bed, sorting out certain room charges…) and our only wish would have been that we could have stayed longer. We loved the special terminology (Joey and Matie and bloke, lift and prom), the friendly people, the special atmosphere, the downtown, the old town, the ocean, islands and beaches.

We really needed this trip as a family. The four of us have just survived quite the year and we are really counting our blessings, we really are. In this different continent we are in a constant state of not knowing what time it is, without phones and watches and we all kind of like it!

We go to eat at the restaurant we all liked the most (even our boy as they have very crispy fries) in the Sydney harbor, listening to the giant ships and ferries honking and people chatting in the late summer night. We talk about our favorite moments from the trip (the koalas, the giant crocodile, the sheep’s haircut, the performances, the time away as a family) and plan for the trip home. We all agree that we have a lot to look forward to with baby’s birthday, spring time and family flying in. The waiter who recognizes us by now explains that no tip is necessary here (or customary to our surprise), he asks if our son is in “kindie” (kindergarten) and asks us if we want the fries in a “take away basket” (to go box) after our meal! I will miss this place for sure!

The plan ride home goes okay (baby got her own seat and we both loved that, mama made a new friend until said friend who was an older grandma took a long nap on my feet…eh yep!) until we reach Los Angeles, where we have to spend five hours, exhausted beyond measure (wait…who’s brilliant idea was this?) Then my darling husband forgets the kids car seat bases and remembers AFTER we go through customs (hey, I took care of  BOTH kids while he got ALL-or so I thought-luggage) which was a major “don’t ask” sort of pain.

We finally made it all the way home alive and okay, it is spring and life is good!

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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