store bought adventures

Soo, I went to the grocery store the other day with BOTH kiddos (what’s the big deal you say-tons of moms do that; well they clearly don’t have MY kids). Have you been to a grocery store lately? I assume you have but did you acknowledge what they have there? Did you see it through a Mom’s eyes? Or better yet a kids?
Aisles upon aisles of candy and cookies and toys and did I mention the chocolate?! Oh an all the fragile stuff you weirdly aren’t allowed to touch and the strange “grown-up” stuff you somehow shouldn’t even ask about.

For an almost 4 year old, the grocery store is an adventure! It’s also hard to keep your attention in following mommy and listening to her rules. So many rules!!! Don’t run, don’t touch, don’t climb, don’t yell! Inside voice and be gentle to your sister, and what about all the “no” (in relation to yes-clearly an unfair ratio). Staying close is difficult, not getting everything you want is simply worse, not being able to help-now that is just plain ridiculous-who wouldn’t want the help of an overly eager, highly energetic (read hyper) little boy!?

Did you know they have cake at this magical place AND matchbox cars? Now why wouldn’t you be able to just grab some, they have so many? The confusion that must be going on in an almost 4 year old boy’s head.

Now take the one year old little girl-senses overload! I want to hear and touch and taste and see! But somehow it’s all too much and after a while I get tired and cranky and I just want be cuddles and home where I feel safe. Add this mother who is now trying to expertly analyze her two children in the calm environment of home (nursing her sleepy baby) without really having any idea how they were thinking or feeling (just educated guesses after all).

Well, let’s just admit here and now that this calm, cool and collected person writing this was nowhere to be found in that grocery store…

I was trying to connect with a friend who I usually see or at least talk to several times but lately our schedules have changed and we keep playing phone tag. Oh great idea, answer the phone in a busy grocery store with two wound up kids! Well, it kinda felt like now or never. I didn’t want to spend another week not being able to talk.

The beginning of the conversation actually had some form of resemblance of going smoothly. My son walked in the vicinity if the cart, I have already gotten most things on my list, baby is munching happily on a bread roll (organic, whole wheat hold the wheat and let’s just hope great for you…or something close to that, I promise) and I stroll along, semi proud (I got this).

We chat about our older kids- little attention thieves and our babies “the sweet ones” (all the kids are sweet but you know what I mean… Ever had a three something year old? Well there you go…you get me!)

Of course our phone conversation is full if interruptions (on both ends) of “don’t touch”, “don’t run”, “don’t yell”, “don’t spill”!!! In different variation, volume and frustration level. The constant “no running” (climbing, pushing, kicking) and “for heaven’s  sake be gentle with your baby sister/brother”

This is when it happens (of course) in the cookie aisle (doubly of course)…

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

2 responses to “store bought adventures

  1. It can be a challenge shopping with the littles, for sure. I had some good luck this weekend. I told my 3.5 year old that she could have ONE special request item. She really wanted french fries, which is something I would normally never get. So I decided to be flexible with that. Then, whenever she asked for something else, I told her “do you want to put back the french fries and get xyz? or do you want to keep the french fries as your special treat?” It seemed to cut down on the constant, “mommy, mommy we have to get this!”

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