Baby no more

Wouldn’t you know it, a week later, I’m back at the store again with both kids. It’s the whole “back in the saddle again” people (well, that and we are all out of chocolate). I feel like super mom (at least in the beginning) and want to tell everyone we meet how brave I am (and almost do to the check-out lady). After all no one nearly died this time around (giant improvement). Besides a couple of (obligatory) tantrums, a couple of smashed toes (mine) and a bribe here and there, we are good.

An awesome mom ones told me to let my kids know they could pick ONE thing in the store and if they want another to put the first one back. It sort of works and sort of doesn’t since my son ends up picking the weirdest things like an outdoor grill or a huge ice-chest on wheels (well you know it would maybe work in theory… with other people’s kids). I have to tell him no and then live with being a hypocrite because after all I get to pick whatever I want (well I hold the wallet and turning in to my parents by parroting “money doesn’t grow on tree” making my almost 4 year old very confused). “But mom you said…” yes I did indeed, a lying, dishonest hypocrite!

I can’t believe our son is turning four years old. He is not a baby any more in any way, shape or form. He is a little boy. A three year old you can get away with babying (maybe) but a four year old – no way! It is also time to stop making excuses for poor behavior! Laying down the law. Starting with horrible eating habits and walking (crawling… tiptoeing) our way towards slamming doors, bother the baby and the dog and talking back to mommy and daddy! Well, at least it starts after his birthday (everyone deserves a break on their special day).

As usual I go overboard! And I’m not even talking about the big dinosaur party we have planned for him by the end of the week but his real birthday- which happens to be on a regular Wednesday.

As he wakes up he gets his biggest gift- mama’s patience! Oh come on don’t turn all “judgy”, he has so much energy in the morning, it’s almost impossible getting him cleaned and brushed, clothed and feed and out the door. I juggle the baby and dog as well who both want and need my attention and food as well but always have to fight for second and third (yes the poor dog) place in what is the now 4 year old’s morning (maybe all day, thank goodness for school) show.

He wakes up with a huge smile at 6 am, jumping on my stomach (my very sore stomach after yesterday’s new workout routine-which is another story altogether) waking up his sister who is not happy. Screaming about stegosauruses and water guns (at least he is happy!). Get it now with the patience?

We sing for him (baby with her own “words”) and I have to count to ten silently in my head so many time I loose count, squirming when he is brushing his teeth “wrong”, dumps out an entire bottle of my (expensive) shampoo, puts his pants on backwards, wipes himself but refuses help AND hand washing but it is his birthday (my new mantra). There are things he refuses all morning long but I refuse one thing and that is to even talk about breakfast (a very sore subject in our household).

We bring chocolate and vanilla “transformers” cupcakes with purple and green frosting and give each kid in the class a small dinosaur toy. He gets to wear a special crown with his name spelled out in sparkles and we all sing for him-twice. Mom (I) get to hold a speech about him for all his little friends and teachers emphasizing how sweet and funny he really is and smart and loving and as I look at my big big boy, I can’t help getting emotional and very very proud (I can’t believe we made him and he is beyond great!).

After I pick him up we get ready to go to the mall. This ends up being quite the adventure!

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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