Mall mom, wipe shortage and ice cream feast!

You know the mama feeling when you are all out of wipes!?

Well, I knew exactly when I used that very last sheet and remember thinking I have to put another pack in the diaper bag right away when we get home. I’m guessing you know what happened when we got home (or rather what didn’t).

I  try to keep our days busy because staying at home with both kids is just not ideal (I would go as far as calling it dreadful at times). When we are out and about I can at least keep them occupied and entertained. Even if I’m the only one ending up exhausted! (Hoping after all the running around that they will be too and go to bed like sweet little angels…a mama can hope, right!?). Usually we try to meet up with other moms in similar situation (with little attachments aka kids).

We love our playdates and try to switch it up with parks, indoor playgrounds, these new jump places, fairs, farmers markets, each other’s houses of course (and if the kids are really lucky; amusement parks) and the mall. We are now at the mall-with no wipes-and an extremely poopy diaper (leaky level ten people!). To my defense, I hadn’t planned on another “blow out” today (ha ha jokes on me, you can’t exactly plan your baby’s “poop schedule).

Now, I love this beautiful outdoor mall. We come here often, mainly because it’s so convenient, both the location (situated in the middle of where all my friends live) and the amenities. Mall with little kids? You ask. Well, yes! They have excellent outdoor AND indoor playgrounds, cozy and clean nursing rooms, mother lounges and family restrooms (with kid’s sized toilets and sinks…nop, not kidding).

I’m currently in one of these “mother’s lounges”, my son watching “Curious George” while my daughter scrambles to get out of her compromising position of being laid down flat on one of the two large white changing tables (stations). She kicks arms and legs while I expertly hold her down with one arm while desperately dig through my large purse (tot bag) with the other (diaper bag already been searched through meticulously- twice). I look at the leaky mess, (I’m talking from the outside…) terrified of actually opening the diaper, glad that my son is temporarily entertained at least, and glance towards the hard brown paper towels in their metal container.

With water…maybe (my daughter’s poor bottom-bad, bad mommy!)

This is when I spot them! Thank goodness (did I not say I love this place!!?) wipes!!!

In their perfect little white soft container in the perfect place on the wall right by the changing table (can I move in? I could hang here, nursing, changing diapers, use the restroom, eat in the huge and diverse food court around the corner…go shopping! While the kids could play with “other” toys and watch “curious George”!…I’m serious).

I grab a handful and then another (they’re “free” right!? – stop judging!) as I hear “super peppy, positive, pushy mom” she is going on and on about how great this family restroom is and isn’t the mother’s lounge neat? – to no one in particular (but since I’m the only other one there…). I nod my head a little non-committal (because she is uncomfortably close and rather loud and I kind of want to finish changing the diaper, meet our friends and get on with celebrating our birthday boy).

This is when she starts raving about the wipes. They are here, and they are free and what would she “doooo” if they didn’t have them, her daughter has the poopiest diaper “eveeeer” and needs them “deeeesperatly”. Her daughter is huge (as in older not obese) with long hair down to her butt and a cute outfit from her blue dress with tiny white flowers, jean jacket, adorable Mary Jane shoes and white lacy socks but she is way too big to be up on that changing table. (Absolutely zero judgement, my son didn’t potty train until after three). As she us telling me (or the general air around her) loudly that she couldn’t live without these wipes and that her poor daughter has been walking around with this poo for houuuurs” (okaay) and her bottom must be “soooo” sore, I glance down at my hand and back to the white, plastic wipe container on the wall.

I had just taken the very last wipe…

If you read this “peppy mall mama”, I’m terribly sorry (honestly).

The rest of the mall adventure turns our really great (my wallet disagrees) with the toy store (minimal meltdowns since sonny gets to pick whatever he wants for his special day but naturally wants more than one toy). The company of my son’s little “girlfriend” or as he likes to call her “my best girl”, lots of yummy ice cream (all over baby AND her stroller but she is screaming bloody murder every time I try to take it away) and candy! What was up with the 50 cents ice cream cups and the guarding of the napkins? (Could have used some wipes here… guess who would laugh if she saw me and my messy kids now… nah, she probably would have sat down and joined us instead…).

We go to the outdoor playground next (where unfortunately the kids get too wild so we have to take them inside which is easier said than done!). But then…

Facebook-20150525-111139 Facebook-20150525-111148 Facebook-20150525-111209 Facebook-20150525-111202

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2 responses to “Mall mom, wipe shortage and ice cream feast!

  1. I need wipes too ha ha


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