Anti-dinosaur spray, dragoon abuse and some expert snooping…

Yes, what happened you ask? We will have to be very brief about this because I don’t want any hurt feelings if there happen to be a “friend of a friend” somewhere (also I don’t want to end up dead in a ditch, thanks friend- you know who you are, for putting that idea in my head).

“With that being said”, to quote the bachelorette (and all bachelors and bachelorettes on the tv-show with the same name), a kid (guess who’s) had jumped on the very side of our jump castle and I guess the side of the castle had fallen down on him.

Several eye witnesses swear to me that he didn’t get hurt (yet the scream) but he probably got scared. They told me that the kid continuously jumped in the very corners which I’m also told you shouldn’t do (not blaming the kid here obviously but come on, it’s not like we meant to blow up a giant death trap in the yard for our 4 year old’s party). I was also being told about multiple complaints about our “faulty” jumper (from exactly ONE person). Jeez, I would hate getting sued over a kid who doesn’t know how to jump correctly in a bounce castle (birthday party liability you know…).

Again, all we wanted was to make everyone feel welcomed and for all the kids to have a great time at our little man’s dinosaur party!

Next thing I know the same person has a minor freak out because she can’t find her son (who seconds after the death trap jumper incident was more than fine, running around and then inhaling more cookies, candy and chips). I have a sneaking suspicion that said son has followed my son up to his room to play with cars, trains and dinosaurs up there, so I follow the yelling mama up the stairs. I find her snooping in our master bathroom. As she opens a cabinet, I clear my voice “Well, I don’t think he is in there…”.

She has the decency to look embarrassed and I do think that she was only curious and her intensity can come off the wrong way. I’m sure she only wants to be friendly (hmm). She tries to hold me hostage upstairs (trying to rope one of my best friends in as well) with mundane questions (can you say “mattress”)  while I have a whole party to attend to downstairs.

Meanwhile the dinosaur/dragoon has made his grand entrance downstairs- already scaring half of the guests to death. Two little ones even refuse to go outside (having a private mini date over some snacks in the kitchen). Nothing that some “anti-Dino spray” (fiercely sprayed on the huge blue dinosaur/dragoon) and some face painting can’t mend.

The beginning tricks of the Dino and his assistant seem a little advance for these cheery party goers but after a while they all seem to get into the groove of things (read: frantically chasing the blue giant with balloon swords all over the yard). I’ll tell you this, the dragoon- I mean dinosaur, is fast, almost too fast for these kiddos (oh well, we hosted a party where your kids will go home tired; plus points!!). The weather is definitely in the Dino characters favor- I wouldn’t wanna run for hours straight in that suit!

The only sour note is our son’s mini meltdown as the dinosaur won’t talk back to him. The “character” is thinking “dinosaurs don’t talk”, huge mistake as our son loooves talking to “everyone” from his toy cars to his stuffed animals and gets highly disappointed if they don’t talk back (aka; if his parents are nowhere near). This mistake is also easily mended and for the rest of the party, Dino is mumbling semi-coherently from inside his suit, pretending to eat everything from rocks, to leaves to birthday cake, singing, hugging, dancing, as well as being “slightly” tortured (read; hit, jumped on, slapped and beaten with sticks by multiple little boys). This one definitely earned his tip (unlike princess Belle at our daughter’s party).

Speaking of our daughter, she is being so good! Satisfied with some left over cookies, strawberries and cake! Cruising around the patio  furniture and crawling in the grass. The only chore for mama being changing her outfit multiple times because she can’t keep away from the blow-up dinosaur pool, and it’s too cold to party in wet clothes!

The party ends with my new “mommy friend” insisting that our son opens her son’s gift even though we planned on waiting till after everyone left. Trust me our son gets so overwhelmed by all the gifts, a calm, supervised atmosphere (followed by the appropriate thank you cards) would really have been better (soo much better…). I waiver and let her know she can bring the two kids somewhere private to open JUST his gift. Needless to say, that does NOT happen! Kids run from all over to the room right by the front door by the pool table to give their gifts (“me first, me first, hurry, hurry”). Now our son is stressed and frantic, opening gifts at rapid speeds, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, birthday cards, batteries and instructions flying everywhere. I have no idea who gave what gift and they are so jumbled together that we are not even sure what is what!

DSC_0302 DSC_0284 DSC_0308 DSC_0363

After that she suggests play dates and mutual summer camps for the boys, she has time to stay and discuss…you know what, it’s time to leave!

Overall, one of the best parties ever! At least according to the guest of honor and isn’t that all that matters!!?

This week has not been the best however…

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

4 responses to “Anti-dinosaur spray, dragoon abuse and some expert snooping…

  1. Anette

    Jag vet precis vilken “ny mamma-vän” du menar!! Jag såg allt :). Så synd att det blev så. Vi tycker att det var ett jätteskoj och säkert party!


  2. sign4baby

    Glad your son had an awesome DINO birthday! I am not sure what I would do if I encountered a guest looking in my medicine cabinet – you are too kind. Oh and I can so picture the whole unwrapping all the presents scenario. This is why I would rather come off as a meanie and hold my ground nowadays haha!


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