Give my kid some dinosaurs and play-time, hold the honey…

Our son went to a new week-long camp this week. In many ways it was a more “serious” camp where they actually learned something besides dinosaur names and the possibility of  space alien creatures. He did feel that I put him right back into “school” with this camp though (even though I insisted “it’s still camp and it’s still super duper fun”). I don’t think he believed me though…

Our boy had so much fun at his first camp, running around like a wildling outside, exploring the rocks, the trees, the insects and his natural sense of wonder. I mean how can you beat hiking for “dragoon eggs”, “we are animals”, “it’s a dinosaur world” or “space day”?

I love that he loved it, I really do and we will keep coming back for that adventure for years to come but I just thought a little academics before starting pre-K in the fall couldn’t hurt. I mean it wasn’t like it was school, it was camp, they had an ocean theme and everything! (Yes! They learned everything about “sea animals”). Naturally, our kid wasn’t the biggest fan…of the “learning” I mean, the ocean theme included sharks so that was fine…

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he had fun and I’m not “blaming” the school or teacher for his lack of excitement but it’s never fun when your kid is saying he doesn’t want to go to camp in the mornings. Especially when I usually use that as an incentive for him to listen (and obey) me. It kind of falls flat when you say “brush your hair or we can’t go to camp”, “go potty or we will be late for camp” wash your hands, etc etc, when he answers that he doesn’t want to go.

The mornings this week dragged on and on and we were always late. The camp also started earlier than the other one by a whole hour so we were basically up at 5:30 am with the baby with no time to fall back asleep for a bit. The huge battle of wills at the breakfast table (we tried honey on toast for the first time but apparently honey tastes like pee…wait what? where did he get that from?) also doubled because who want to eat to be able to go to a camp you don’t really want to go to.

I’m sure this was a great camp but it’s sad to hear your son say that the teacher doesn’t like him. The teacher was young, pretty and seemed very sweet (she was also one of those women who miraculously managed to look skinny while seven months pregnant…jealous) and I’m positive she wasn’t not mean to my son during this week long camp.

Its always a little nerve-wracking leaving your child in other people’s hands whether its with a sitter or in a school setting but especially at a brand new school for a camp (we had the advantage of his first summer camp being at his regular preschool). This teacher barely introduced herself (as “Mrs. A” too no full name anywhere…) and I felt like the drop-off that first day was so abrupt. But since I’m not delusional, I know that my son is not the easiest kid in the world and if he doesn’t like a teacher, the reason is probably because she demands something from him, nothing unreasonable mind you but probably nothing related to dinosaurs (cars or sharks…maybe they needed to learn about other sea animals…and I don’t know…letters). He did mention that she didn’t “let him” play…

Mama is happy he learned something, he made a few friends, he got to hang out with his little “girlfriend” (even if those two have a totally turbulent relationship) and that he did have fun, because after all, I’m pretty sure he did.

In other news he didn’t exactly take it easy on his mama this week. On Monday we meet up with family in town going to LEGOLAND, Tuesday we went to an indoor playground and I was excited to be meeting four other mommies, Wednesday we went with the same relatives to the Zoo (my kids loved hanging out with their little girl cousins, so nice having children the same age around to play with), on Thursday we gave soccer a second chance and after practice my little boy decided to really push me over the edge…

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  1. sign4baby

    Not all camps are created equal.


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