Lunch bunch of fiasco

What has (yet again) awarded me the “worst mom ever” title? you wonder. Well you see at my son’s school they have something they call “lunch bunch”. It’s 90 minutes after “real” school ends where the kids have lunch together, play outside (weather permitting; which is pretty much always, unless maybe it is just TOO hot), play games etc. This “lunch bunch” is also lovingly named “a blessing” “mom sanity” or simply “survival” by me (and I’m sure a whole lot of other moms).

So anyways, you can sign up for lunch bunch twice a week (first Monday of every month) and be guaranteed a slot but if the other days aren’t filled by Tuesday you get a chance to sign up for more days. Let’s just say that on that first Tuesday of the month I’m at preschool bright and early (never happens otherwise) urging the director and school secretary to unlock the office door! Blindly I fill in all the slots I can, grinning from ear to ear (to be fair our boy also loves it AND it’s a chance for me to spend some extra time with my daughter…basically get stuff done…or you know…sleep). The truth is my boy hasn’t missed a lot of “mom sanity”, I mean “lunch bunch” since he got eligible for it at the tender age of 3.

Last year, he only went to this school Tuesdays and Thursdays (and was seldom denied a lunch bunch) so this year it is extra important for mommy to do her job and get him in there EVERY school day (you know for him- so he can have fun with his little friends, no really!!). I elbow my way in that very first Tuesday, reaching for the big “lunch bunch binder” before another peppy (typical morning person) cheerful mom can grab it (basically snapping it from her baby wearing arms- because I am RUDE like that). Well and I was here FIRST!!

I scrabble his name really fast to be able to hand the book over to the next mom (because you know, I’m not THAT rude), misspelling his new (zen) teacher’s name as I go along (just pretending to have very bad/ cryptical handwriting). I fill in all the slots for all the days for the month!! Triumph!

I am satisfied and offer the other moms a victory smile (see, not rude at all!)

The whole week start out pretty smoothly! We make it to school on time(ish) before the bell rings (three out of five ain’t bad). I pack nutritious lunches (not my fault he won’t eat them, and sonny has fun at lunch bunch while mommy gets lots of things done (mostly morning nap if little miss cooperates). By Friday we are back to pre-packaged meals (hey, he gets both apples and carrots), gold fish and juice boxes! And dang, was that the bell?

I talk to my mom (super excited that she is coming soon for an impromptu “fall” visit) over Skype while princess and I enjoy a long breakfast! Hey, we have time for this; big brother has lunch bunch!

Darling daughter takes her time to fall asleep but we still have at least another hour because of this glorious after school program! As I drift off to la la land (well deserved…I dare you to question that) something shakes me awake. Why am I feeling like I can’t relax, what is this funny feeling inside, like a little tingle, or more like a warning bell…and not so little..

What if the kids don’t have lunch bunch on Fridays? This is the first ever Friday he has been to at this school. But, I signed him up, I packed his lunch, nobody stopped me, nobody said anything. I glance over at my now sleeping (slightly snoring) baby. At my son’s other school, they didn’t offer full days on Fridays, what if this is kinda the same thing? No lunch bunch Fridays?? (that would be stupid and completely unnecessary…mean really,… but yet again..). I didn’t really look at the specific days I signed him up for, did it ever say “Fridays”?

I decide to look it up on their website (I’m a genius)! There we have it lunch bunch, after school program, extra curricular bla bla, nothing about Fridays, there you see!? I thought so, I mean somebody would surely have warned me- I mean told me otherwise. Besides it is now noon when school ends and nobody has called me. I try to relax and sink back onto my big fluffy pillow next to my peaceful little one (life is good!, me irresponsible? never).

And then my phone rings…

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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