A grandma, a wedding and some “serious motion sicknes”

So in order to tell you the full background story, I do have to backtrack slightly. I promise,  you will catch up fast!

Remember how I said I would tell you all about my husband’s goddaughter and niece (which I guess is our niece) and her beautiful wedding!? Well, in order to join in this special celebration we had to drag two kids on several plane and car rides which is not always easy (do you realize how much you have to pack for only a few days…?) We had planned to visit husband’s maternal grandmother first, I had never met her before and really wanted to. She lives in small town Minnesota (and when I say “small town” I am exaggerating like crazy) a couple of hours from the nearest airport, while the wedding was four hours away from there in North Dakota (kids have never been in the car for more than an hour- at least not little sister, so that was “interesting” to say the least!).

My mom had arrived a couple of days before and I didn’t really feel like leaving her (hadn’t seen her since April!- we rarely go that long) just to travel around the country with my kids for the weekend. We joked that the only reason she came this time was to watch our dog, which to be honest, who would have with everyone at the wedding? It was so good seeing her, especially since I had been in kind of a slump lately and the kids had seemed extra challenging and energetic. You know the times when, while you are a mother yourself…you really need your mom. We fit some fun stuff in before the weekend though and mom was ready to stay with her beloved “grand dog” while our little family were ready for the trip we had planned out in detail (well I had- Friday-Sunday).

I was excited to travel despite not wanting to leave my mom, despite having to do it with two kids in tow and despite not feeling well, however, because I love traveling to new places that I haven’t seen before and despite my husbands denial, these places were his roots. He is not all the way the Cali boy he think he is, the first years of his life were spent in (or near) some of the places we would visit. I didn’t care about his lack of excitement, I couldn’t wait to get a feel for these new States and be apart of his history somehow!

As we were directed where to drive by hubby’s aunt, I clearly misunderstood her as confusing, not to the point and extremely bad at giving direction. Turned out that “go straight until you see a large building at the end of town, turn around the building and park” were EXACTLY the right direction, since this “town” only had one main road, no traffic lights, only one large building that was clearly located at the end of “town” and her directions to go around the building and park were spot on a laughably easy!

Husband was really looking forward to seeing his grandma and I felt closer to him as he talked about her on the way there and stories about his extended family. Even though the itinerary was jam packed and a lot of small things did go wrong, the trip ended up a success! I’m so glad we went and it was so worth it!

My man might have thrown away our boarding passes before our second flight, delaying the whole plane, lil girl might have had some “diaper issues” all over the car seat in the rental car, we might have spent an hour trying to figure out how to open the locked suitcase (who remembers those passwords anyway sand how dare TSA lock it without asking) and we might have gotten a speeding ticket (police scaring our son, thinking dad would go to “the cage”) in the middle of nowhere (aka Devil’s Corner, North Dakota) and we might have missed all of the family pictures spending the better part of two days in the car (not the family SUV we “ordered” by the way) BUT seeing grandma was wonderful, she got very emotional and loved meeting the kids and I and seeing her grandson! The wedding was a real country wedding, beautiful and real and we all really enjoyed ourselves!

The only thing that kind of put a constant damper on things was my nausea. I have been having motion sickness my entire life. Especially in the car and especially when I’m not the driver (which I obviously never was before the age of 18…or let’s be honest more like 21). It seemed during this trip my nausea involved air travel as well and…walking…pretty much existing. It wasn’t acute illness, didn’t feel like a stomach bug or something I ate, more like an annoying presence of feeling ill that would come and go.


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageGetting back home to my mom who had been watching our dog felt good and I also felt good about the trip overall. Settling back into our normal routines and daily schedule, the nausea still didn’t seem to go away though…quite the opposite.

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