Shopping Therapy and Comfort Food!

As always I turn to shopping for comfort (wow, that sounded really bad and is also not really true- I’m actually not some shopaholic, but it does lift my spirits)!

After princess and I pick up brother, we head on over to a strip mall (where I used to live during some of my University years), it’s a good one since it has both good shopping AND good food (if you would consider “all American” food “good”, hey now, you wanna talk about comfort!?!). My plan is to eat – of course it is- it’s the only thing that makes me feel better (ironically it’s also the only thing that makes me feel worse…a bit later that is, yuck!) and then hit a kid’s clothing store (not much fun to shop for yourself when the only thing you have to “look forward to” for the next 7 months or so is getting bigger-care to plan for that wardrobe anyone!?) and a huge Barnes and nobles for some fun for the littlest (book and toys!)

We order lots of yummy (read greasy) food and the waitress look at me like I’m nuts-either because I bought two kids who cannot sit still for the life of them and are about three decibels louder than the legal volume limit or because of the amount of food I’m requesting. Little girl refuses to sit in her high chair but does eat a full cheeseburger (that’s my girl) while bouncing up and down on the cushiony plastic couch at our booth, while little boy prefers to eat his chips (“just chips with salt mama”) underneath the table. Right now I just don’t have the energy to care or to focus on anything but my spinach and artichoke dip (we won’t win any “healthy family awards I’m sure).

Halfway through the meal, the waitress pretends to ignore the mess that is our table and large surrounding floor area, while coming to ask how everything is. “Could I get you anything else?” My son announces loudly enough for anyone to hear “yes I have to potty for a looong time right now!!” Even people at tables across the restaurant crack up and the host actually laughs out loud (but I can also catch the judging looks I get as I desert my comfort food on the way to the bathroom- running after one and trying to control the other one- who really didn’t want to leave her fries with ranch dressing “dip, dip”). I promise to remind myself to A. Eat healthier with my children and B. Never to take them to a restaurant alone again. Not even five minutes later I rephrase my promises to A. Eating healthier ones this baby is out and B. Never to take them to THIS particular restaurant alone again.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty certain I will fail both my promises!

As we enter Old Navy (they actually have some pretty cute affordable kid’s outfits) I’m glad I planned ahead armed with a diaper and lots of wipes! I’m waiting on something you see (well yeah after all that healthy stuff- don’t you judge- I’m entitled to a bad parental day…or you know “a few”- hey, can I blame it on hormones?!).

What I didn’t plan for was for my son to give his little sister his chocolate milkshake (yes, I’m a bad mom…tons and tons of green leafy stuff-kale?- for the rest of their upbringing okay!! What do you want from me..?) which she proceeds to (as a sparkly tutu catches my eye…wait does this come in grown up sizes…? Before remembering my own growing size-am slightly jealous of all the cutesy toddler clothes) poor ALL over herself, the cart and the floor (can you say “clean up in aisle 4, includes a baby!?”). What a sticky mess!

Glad I brought the diaper and all those wipes AND that these stores have great bathrooms! Mumbling a “sorry” to a confused guy with a mop we abandoned the once blue cart (now mostly brown) and head for the loo. I grab a Halloween gray and pink skeleton pajama set on sale on our way. This baby girl is ready for a complete change of clothes but wait is that the alarm?

Did you know that you are not allowed to bring “stuff” from the store into the bathroom?

No, I didn’t catch the “no merchandise beyond this point sign” (you gotta believe me)…

We actually have to explain ourselves (myself) to the store manager and clear that little mess up before the mess that is my daughter…

Less sticky and a lot less brown, darling girl is now proudly sporting the gray and pink skeleton pj set and heading for the check out line. One more “mistake” cleared up!

We pay and leave the bags in the car! (“Were we bad guys mama? “Of course not honey, just a slight mix up” “then, when can we do THAT again?”)

Up next; Barnes n nobles!

Where baby actually does need the diaper mama already used for some “real” stinky, leaky reason! This is when the real nasea hits! …image image

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