What could IT be?

I’m already 16 weeks, can you believe it!?
I officially climbed out of the pit of despair! (Only kidding, wasn’t that bad…or well). See it happened again, within a week I forget how bad I really felt (how awfully, horribly, terribly bad). This middle part I wouldn’t mind re-living over and over!

I survived the waste of a month that is September (okay, joking yet again and apologizing to you September lovers out there-I do love fall it’s just I always get sad summer is gone and while the “back-to-school stuff is fun” it’s usually already over when September begins-and the heat-the 100+ degree heat with this year’s severe nausea and vomiting as an insanity bonus it was- well let’s just call it rough! Yes the darn insect infested, heat infused, miserable September…well I survived).

I also survived October in a fog a Halloween to-do-lists (do you have any idea the mountain of responsibilities in a mom of a preschooler’s schedule-especially during holiday months!?) dizzy spells, headaches from hell and again the inability to keep the (greasy) food down (sorry, try not to visualize) for more than a few hours…I survived!

I’ll have you know I love Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays and despite of my ehh slight temporarily disability..eh I mean madness (I mean glowing glory) I think I managed to make it fun for my kiddos! I mean we did dress up as the cave-stone age family after all. Think pregnant cave woman, bearded muscle cave man and little pebbles look alike! Little guy was the dinosaur and even though we might have our history slightly mixed up there (and I formally would like to issue another apology to fellow feminists everywhere) we did pretty well if I say so myself!

I was still in an antisocial funk, feeling both rude, easily irritated, too hungry to seem appropriate and scared I would throw up on the people who dared to come near me. Translation: we celebrated Halloween alone this year! With lots of pizza followed up with lots of candy curtesy of our neighbors going all out-not just with the food and candy (and wine!, no I didn’t have any…!) but with garage doors as movie screens and courtyards as “spooky grave yards” and whole houses turned into haunted houses (that I did have to pay for, trust me… the intake of calories I mean not the excess in scare tactics).

Anyways back to my 16 weeks and the glorious second trimester. I made it to November and it’s now time for the appointment where I get to take my very first progesterone shot-in my butt of course (lucky me!). But first up-another ultrasound!

Loving the ultrasounds! A chance to see the baby and what is going on in my own tummy (insane if you think about it and quite extraordinary) – okay let’s face it I don’t know what’s up or down or what body part I’m starring at (or even baby’s or mine) but it’s still very special. I also get to hear the fast and steady heart beat! This is the best part of going to these high risk specialist! The biweekly ultrasounds!

As every week I remind the nurse that we don’t want to find out the sex of the baby! Because we don’t!
At least I don’t!

This might seem like quite the shocker- to both family and friends, since I am quite the self-proclaimed hysterical planner after all- but I always thought (I mean planned) that if I would ever have a third child after the blessings of a boy AND a girl that we wouldn’t find out. Life most wonderful little surprise! (Cliche I know… one of life’s few surprises and yada yada yada).

I have ALL the stuff for both kinds (trust me, when I comes to baby-I’m prepared!). And it’s now also cleaned, laundered and boxed up ready for the baby- boy OR girl!

All we want is healthy of course (and human…) but this way after all the worry and fear it adds a little fun and positive mystery to the journey. So again I remind the nurse, DO NOT want to know! She reminds me to tell whoever is doing the ultrasound every time-we actually talk about it.

Yet, nor even ten minutes later she yells to me to close my eyes fast because I don’t want to see IT…

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

2 responses to “What could IT be?

  1. I remember those days!! Running a busy household when you’re pregnant can be challenging! And not giving in to finding out what you’re having, wow, kudos! My OCD would have to know so I could plan! Keep it up mama, you’re doing great!


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