Cat scans and flashbacks

imageI’m frantically googling if cat scans are safe while pregnant as I make my way over to the emergency room. No time to comfort another mommy in need, apparently I have to calm down and focus on myself and my unborn child. When my husband finally calls back I’m terribly out of breath and my heart is about to leave my body. I breathlessly explain that they have to rule out blood clots (as well as all the other scary stuff the doctor mentioned) and he seems a little shook up that this is how his wife’s regular check up turned out (but probably not entirely surprised). Once I reach the ER I casually mention that “my pulse is kinda raising”. Luckily there is almost nobody there (I had assumed it would be pretty crazy,busy and unpleasant but it’s empty, clean and calm). They ask me to sit down by a desk (all feels kinda standard) to take down my information.

It all changes when they check my pulse (with one of those white thingies on your finger looking kind of like a hair clip). I see the nurses exchanging looks as they see the numbers climbing. Before I know what’s happening (and I’m the middle of telling them my address) two guys bring out (a very serious looking) gurney and literally lift me from the chair and force me down on it telling me to breathe “normally”, (oh yeah, sure no problem!).

I get an IV right away and my blood drawn as they do an EKG and an ultrasound of my heart. Hours later (after texting my mom, mother in law and husband to make sure they know that; yes, I’m okay but I might have to stay awhile and are my kids okay?) the ER gets a little scary. I hear a man fighting the nurses so security has to be called in, another man having a heart attach and see a teenager rolling by with a gun shot wound. I want so badly to go home and crawl back into bed with my kids and I know for a fact that I would be devastated if they have to admit me (what would I do?). The baby has been looking great so far so I’m still hopeful but next up is the evaluation by the nurses from labor and delivery.

Another two hours go by and they still won’t release me until my heart rate goes under 120. I get to leave urine and more blood and then just wait again. I feel lonely and isolated and like none will tell me anything…

It’s in the middle of the night when the nurses come to check on baby. I’m stiff and uncomfortable in the ER bed and I really have to pee again. The main nurse is older, really stern and definitely not the nice nurturing type. Baby is luckily doing good after a brief scare (trying to match mommy’s heart rate) but then another set back…

Contractions hit and they hit hard. It’s actually uncomfortable and I am starting to worry.
Now there is talk about taking me up to labor and delivery “just in case”…
I am 27 weeks…

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

2 responses to “Cat scans and flashbacks

  1. My thoughts are with you.
    I hope everything is alright and they give you the steroid shots as a just in case.


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