Rushed Delivery

Being 38 weeks pregnant is no walk in the park. I have never been this pregnant before and even though I logically know this is great and wonderful and “normal” and healthy and you know the biggest blessing ever, I feel absolutely awful. Apart from being (and feeling) huge I am crampy, leaky, moody, have terrible heartburn and indigestion, I feel sick to my stomach (literally) all the time and I’m also bleeding. I know that that triple dose of the hormone shot didn’t exactly help things since I’m basically in labor and have been for over a week now so I might experience slightly exaggerated symptom than the average 38 week pregnant woman. The ultrasound technician described it the best that one time (skip the next sentence or two if you are squeamish); the hormones create an extra layer (or several) of the mucus build up (creating that- let’s call it what it is shall we- disgusting mucus plug) creating a barrier between baby and the outside world! Baby (and the preceding contractions) have to work waaay harder in order to make its way out with that many (disgusting) layers blocking its exit way…
I do feel like I’m not allowed to complain however but I can’t help feeling miserable and heaven forbid like this baby should hurry up and make an appearance already, (hello miss or mr. Baby, time to vacate, it’s safe to come out now!!)

Anyways, it is Monday and I have just taken the big decision to schedule my c-section (no broken bones or babies preferred!!) when I get the phone call…

It’s my doctor calling me even though she is on vacation. She sounds very surprised about my scheduled surgery since that was never brought up with her and she had instead suggested a scheduled induction (since our little mystery baby decided to hang around in my belly until full term after all!). She asks how come her colleague (he might even be her superior since he started the clinic) has hijacked her patient and is now making decisions about my care? She sounds upset and rather animated.

I am shocked and confused that she is not onboard with the new plan and find it difficult to yet again switch my mind over to her going against the Cesarian. She is saying that it is major surgery and something she would never recommend for me, being a highly infection sensitive individual without the best immune system. She is mentioning the risks and highlights the part where they take out your inner organs before putting them back (neatly and in the right order I hope…). She focuses on the complications to the bowel and bladder I might be prone to (nice!) and almost scolds me for agreeing to another doctor’s advice (gee, thanks, I was only trying to do what I thought was best for me and baby with the threats of a lifetime in a wheelchair or way worse; hurting the baby or even the unimaginable happening…).
I explain the fear her male partner put in me and his comments about recommended the “C” if I was his wife or sister. She counters with mimicking his charm and coping his little “you are amazing and adorable and beautiful”. Okay, okay, I’m starting to get the picture-I think my doctor is legitimately upset here. I just went with another doctor and after seeing him one time (nor weekly for the last at least seven/eight months) I blindly trusted him and his advice (professional advice mind you paired with an impressive education, background, degree and okay I admit flawless bedside manners). She is saying that he does have a point and that she is agreeing with his red flags so IF (and she is not saying I should) I go with the c-section, she wants to be the one performing it (bumping it up to Friday night again). I’m trying to convey the fear I have of her colleague being right about my way to narrow pelvic bone…and what about my first delivery experience?
She understands completely but wants me to try a vaginal delivery with an expert team standing by in case ANYTHING goes wrong. She will be fully equipped and ready for the possibly that baby won’t fit through the birth canal and she will prep any other doctor too should I go early and her not being able to get there in time to deliver.

She tells me that she HAD to have a Caesarian and it wasn’t easy and the recovery was brutal and of course I rather have a vaginal delivery, like with the other two. She says I might need an emergency c-section anyways but at least we tried everything before having to go there. I promise to call her right back as I deliver the news of the change of plans to my mom. After the initial surprise, we both agree to go back to the original plan and what we both had hoped and planned for all along. I call MY doctor back and she schedules an induction for Friday night, urging me to “hold out” that long!

Less than two hours later my water breaks!!!

And when I say breaks, I don’t mean a little shy questionable trickle, I mean BREAKS!

Even if I have leaked and trickled before, there is definitely no denying this flood! My water is most certainly, all the way, completely broken!

It’s water everywhere (sorry TMI) as I call out for my mother who is always calm under pressure by the way, suggesting that I might want to call my husband! I do that stressing over the fact that he is 45 minutes away and there is traffic (but not before I text my friend “hey, water broke”, not entirely sure why I did that before anything else). Then I text my mother in law to come take the kids so that my mother can come to the hospital (I’m really hoping that she can experience this delivery with me! Last chance of that happening!!). I know MIL is at least an hour away so the plan is for hubby to pick me up, drop me off at triage and then head back to the house and get my mom since his mom will most likely be there to care for the kids by then.

I run around leaking, correction: gushing, like a mad woman but manage to put on my “pink or blue, either will do shirt” and to call my doctor back. In my manic confused state I tell her “thanks for asking instead of “answering” “(which makes her slightly confused, I’m sure), she laughs as she reminds me that she wanted me to wait until Friday and that there is no way that she will be able to get to the hospital until tomorrow. She promises however to call the hospital to let them know I’m on my way and to tell the doctor on call everything about my specific situation.

I roll the overnight bag to the front door with a four year old who can not wait to be a big brother again, a two year old attached to my leg and a huge, goofy golden retriever at my other side. I’m leaking through pads and two pairs of pants, agonizing over when my husband will get home.

He keeps texting “5 minutes” but is totally lying. Finally as my contractions are getting stronger, he shows up!

I feel a strange mix of anxiety, excitement and sadness as I see my mom taking the kids back inside, carrying my little one who is currently my baby, and talking to my little man who seems so grown up all of a sudden!

Even if there is traffic, hubby drives fast, swerving in and out of lanes, as I keep telling him to slow down and then speed up as I experience yet another contraction. We start to time them and they are now really close apart!

Then things go really, really fast…

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A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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