An Adventurous Week; Day 2

The weird part was that I was thinking about my husband’s car on the way home, how it used to work so great back when we leased it (with all that included service too) but since we bought it keeps breaking down (and obviously now we have to pay “full price” for everything). Just like I somehow had sensed that the little kids were going to get hurt today at the playground (I know, super freaky) I knew what hubby was going to say at 8:30 on a Monday night when I had just finished putting 3 kids to sleep (well in pjs with brushed teeth at least-not the easiest task…well if you are a mom, you know what I am talking about)…

He hadn’t responded to my phone calls or called me back for over an hour so I was clearly already upset when he finally did, as he claimed he had been on the phone with his colleague (who had aaa) and the tow truck (the guy who drove it presumably) on the other line (he had not dodged my calls or tried to worry me…hmm). Guys and doing more things at ones…

He was stuck by the side of the road (little comfort as I now have to finish the nighttime routine on my own AND worry about him and the car).

The tow truck (again, probably the driver) drops him off at the dealership which of course is closed by now (no one there to help him, rent him a car, tell him what to do with his own car or even help call him a cab…or uber) so my brilliant husband has the terrific idea….

He calls ME…

The kids are finally nodding off (both boys are fast asleep…I’m not even going to discuss my 3 year old’s sleeping habits right now)…

“Hey, a taxi will be really expensive and they kicked me out of the dealership…and it’s dark and cold”…

And as I am a VERY good (great) wife, I load up the kids in the car and strap them in (all sleeping now) and head towards downtown (a good 35-40 minutes away…especially with me driving so cautiously with the kids in the car AND my bad eyesight in darkness…don’t worry, it’s not THAT bad…but still).

He didn’t have to worry that I wouldn’t see him, he is the only person in a suit carrying a briefcase on the side of the road of the car dealership!

As we head towards home (finally), the kids snoring away, he calls to confirm with his (business) partner that he can borrow his “extra” car (apparently said partner had gone and bought himself a “mid-life crises car”…fancy, fancy indeed). So now I have to drive to his house so that my darling husband can get the car. The only upside is that I get to see this guy’s new house which I have been mildly curious about (the obvious downside being you know driving around in the dark, as his neighborhood also is a new development without streetlight, with three kids who don’t transfer easily…as in; from their car seats to their beds…nice little nap at 10pm…).

We make it and luckily the boys fall back asleep, our daughter though is up dancing ballet until midnight (no tea and reality tv for this mama).

When I wake up the following day (before 6 am-thanks baby) my eye twitch is back full force. I have been dealing with this annoying eye twitch in my right eye for days now and it is actually more than a little inconvenient (try putting mascara on for example). I break down and actually google it…Annnd, it’s either utter exhaustion (as in unbearable stress and extreme lack of sleep…) or you know cancer…(thanks google).

Today, we tackle the social security office downtown- with three kids of course, because the nanny naturally “can’t make it” …


About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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