Fluidly unexpected..

TMI again (you have been warned people!)…

Fluid keeps gushing out of me BUT it’s not clear with white flecks, it’s greenish yellow (and it’s everywhere).
It’s by now not only on the carped but everywhere on the floor leading up to the bathroom and on the bathroom floor surrounding the toilet. It’s slimy and thick (sorry!!) instead of transparent like water.

Time to text mom…

I can’t wipe fast enough and I certainly  can’t get a pad (I’m glad I saved some maternity pads from last time), or change clothes. I’m a leaking, gushing mess who can’t move-so there I sit on the toilet, excited but scared something is wrong and with the thought that I’m ready,  mixed with the thought of this happening too soon in my head.

My mom is calling on face time so I wobble out to my make up table to swipe my phone.

My voice trembles as I describe what is going on and she (wise and calm as usually) tells me to call my husband (now!) and that it certainly doesn’t sound right, but to tell the doctor as soon as I reach the hospital.

I text my husband, luckily he answers right away and is not far from the house (unlike last time) and then my doctor, who tells me to go STRAIGHT in and that Dr. D (the charmer) is on call!

Before I know it, my husband, who is about to become a father for the fourth time, runs into the bathroom in his suit (almost slipping in his fancy shoes-I’m not kidding). Agast I yell for him not to look around. This stuff is nasty and it smells really bad!

I tell him to get towels and the biggest underwear he can find (!) and my comfiest maternity pants plus a number of pads (thinking I can shove as many as possible in my underpants). This is not the time to act coy or pretend to be anything ( but a hugely (giant, smelly hippo) pregnant, leaking mama! He has that stressed, slightly panicked look on his face (most men do when their partner is in labor and they need to get them to the hospital). He is babbling about who is picking up our oldest, he meets my eyes and suddenly snaps in to action.

I sit on a small mountain of towels in the car-here we go again! Round 4…annnd action!!

I text my mother in law to meet my husband at home to take care of our three little loves (and our lovely dog) so that my husband can turn around to come back to me at the hospital. He is not missing THIS birth (as well… three out of four is not too bad!)

He drops me off right in front of the hospital’s main entrance (this is it!) in the round about where you are allowed to park only when you are in labor (emergency) or when you take your baby home (brings back so many memories).

I feel strong, independent and determined, as I ride up the familiar elevator towards triage, this is the real deal this time!

One glance at me and my “diapered” behind, they rush me straight through!

I let them know about the foul smelling leakage and that I can’t sit because I will ruin their chair!

“This ladies” the nurse announces to the unamused gals with stomachs of various shapes and sizes in the waiting room , “is a woman who’s water has REALLY broken”. Even the intake lady tells me that I can go ahead and change in the bathroom since I’m now actively leaking on the floor (too late for embarrassment) before she takes my information!

In the bathroom I take one last picture of my humongous belly with a feeling that it will very soon deflate quite a bit!

Little man we are so ready to meet you and to add YOU to our crazy family. We love you already and please please be alright!

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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