So this just happened😳🙄😒

At Trader Joe’s (grocery store)

Me to my daughter “why are you on the floor???” Slightly agitated “get UP right this second”
M- “but mama I dropped my favorite pink, sparkly ring under here” points under shelves…
Me -okay, can you get it?
M- “no it’s too far” *sobbing*
Me- can you see it?
M- yes it’s right there…
Me- but you can’t get it if you lay down and reach, reach, reach?
M- Noooo (tears)
People stopping to look-cart crowds, collide and even crash (into each other)
Can’t bend myself with a baby strapped to me in the carrier.
Me- *sigh* -hmm okay let us just finish shopping and then ask someone for help okay!? (Hoping she will forget)
Continue shopping with 2-year old, 4 year old (with their own kid carts) and baby…
About to check out
M- “but mama you were going to ask about my pink, sparkly riiiing”
Me- *huge sigh*
M- maaaama!!!!!
Me- “okay” (it IS -was?- a nice pink sparkly ring)
Find man on tall ladder (there was nobody else around, okay!!)
Me- “excuse me sir, my daughter dropped her ring under here”
Man- *sighs* okay, give me a second
Looks under shelves, and looks, and looks
Me- “are you sure you dropped it right here?”
Man- I really can’t see it, let me get a phone with flashlight…
Me- Thank you so much- to daughter- can you get down and show him where it is please!?
M- “but mama you said not to be on the dirty floor…”
Me- “yes but YOU dropped your ring, IF you want it back, show him WHERE you saw it”
Refusing, stubborn shake of head
Me- “then no ring”
M- complete meltdown, tears, snot, sobs-falls to the ground (while you are down there maybe look for your ring…)
Man- “I looked with phone, tried to sweep with broom, nothing…
*big sigh*
M- screams
Man- *huge sigh*
Me- *huge sigh*
Toddler on the loose somewhere in the store
Manager to man “try harder to find the girl’s ring, she is devastated”. The crowd is divided on the issue..
Me- “it’s okay we’ll just leave”
Manager- “let’s look again”
Man- aggravated on his hands and knees on the (dirty) floor looking for (darn) ring.
M- *whispers* maybe I dropped it somewhere else…

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

2 responses to “So this just happened😳🙄😒

  1. Sandra Molstre

    This is soooo hilarious!!!! (probably not for you, however!!!!)


    Liked by 1 person

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