In the midst of chaos…

I bring all four kids to the specialist my oldest is sent to, including my fussy 8 months old, my (extremely) terrible two:er, and my stubborn preschooler.

It’s after school and late afternoon. It been a long day and we are all hungry and cranky. My patience is running thin and I am frankly more focused on breaking up sibling fights and soothing the baby, who was brutally awakened from his nap when he was put in the stroller, than what the doctor is saying. 

It’s October and the kids can’t wait for Halloween, but for them two short weeks seem like an eternity.

My two middle kids are loud and arguing over some “spooky” stickers the receptionist gave them as we came into the doctor’s office.

It’s hot and the baby is crying. I feel like I can’t keep the kids calm and concentrate on this appointment for my oldest if I pick him up. 

Buuut…he is crying…loudly.

I pick the baby up and promise ice cream to the kid that will just keep (shut…) quiet. 

My two year old who doesn’t care about anything, least of all ice cream, threats (treats?) or promises, gets even louder (if that’s possible). The nurse gives me a nervous smile and slips out of the room.

The doctor however is very nice, it’s like I first notice as he tells me I’m very brave and that he has three himself (and that sure felt like a lot, especially when they were little like mine). I smile and nod and apologize while cursing inside, why can’t my kids just behave for once? 

The doctor examines big brother who sits up in a big black leather chair (possibly plastic) and the doctor grins and talks to my son in a very reassuring way, treating him like you would a fellow adult, not a kid, and I think my son appreciates that (and so do I). 

Then all of a sudden, in the midst of me raising my voice in an attempt to sound “scary” ,to no avail of course “that’s IT, no dessert…ever”, the doctor’s good mood seems to disappear. 

I barely notice of course since my sole purpose at the moment is getting my kiddos (and myself) our of here in one piece (and as quickly as possible).

“Did you hear me?” He asks and I barely do over the baby’s wailing. 

I need to take your son in the other room and examine him under the microscope…

“Oh, eh?! Okay-go ahead!”, I’m ashamed for even thinking; great that gives me a few minutes to discipline the kids.

“Okay if we just stay here, kids and stroller and all?”…

“Actually, mom, you better come with us”

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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