As a parent you…

As a parent;

You have to make sure they survive everyday. Not only live though, but (freakin’) THRIVE…

That they eat (not too little or too much, but just right), and sleep (not too little or too much, but just right) and brush their teeth and their hair. That they are clean and clothed and whole and healthy.

That they get to school on time and are polite and sweet (but no push overs), assertive and well adjusted (whatever that means) and independent, self sufficient (but they also need to learn how to ask for help) and secure, yet they need to listen to authority and follow the rules!

You have to make sure that they are picked up on time (ask about their day-open ended questions…require “detailed” answers, active listening and interest) and are happy and have high self esteems (not shy 😱) yet they need to be aware of others who don’t have as much. They need to be kind and brave, (PC…) as well as, well rounded and educated, AND “street smart”…

You don’t only need to make sure that they eat, (have those lunch and snack boxes ready and correctly packed!) but that they eat the “RIGHT” kind of food (don’t get me started…organic, vitamins, probiotics, supplements, protein shakes…seriously!) and have the right sleep “environment” (beds, comforters, pillows, essential oil diffusers), and the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste (might change weekly) and hairbrush (!) AND social circles (yes!) friends and toys (educational, developmental, creative etc etc.)

Maybe throw in an “appropriate” pet to learn compassion and responsibility on (which is ultimately all about your compassion and added responsibility-pile it on).

And then there is all the “extra”, the right kind of clothes in the right size and style, and all the homework and obligations (yes, kids now have their own obligations…that are pretty much your obligations).

School requirements, volunteering, holidays, “vacations”, pajama days, crazy hair…and sock day, sport days, class parties, performances…

Then there are all the doctors’ and dental appointments (God forbid they have any special needs or health issues) and don’t get me started on all the after school programs and hobbies and activities (and added equipment and instruments and outfits and uniforms) and “play dates” and birthday parties (their social calendar is busier than any adult’s-good luck if you have more than one kid).


And if you don’t do it ALL…(every single day) can you spell “mom guilt” …

Love it all though 🤪

Easy Peasy! No pressure 😏😅🤯😳❤️

😘 fellow parents doing it ALL and a little more!!

About jennym

A doctor of psychology and a mother of four writing about the struggles and joys and the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, pregnancies, deliveries and her absolute love for her children in a humoristic yet down to earth weekly blog!

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