Creepy crawlers, Indian Summer BBQs and a Baptism

Before we know it, August is here!
It’s still insanely hot (both outside and inside) so having a pool to cool down helps (minus the bees who apparently also want to cool down and drink the water). The kids have both benefited greatly from their swim lessons. The only downside is that they are displaying some risky behaviors their parents aren’t completely comfortable with. Water confidence has somehow translated in water UN-safety. My husband almost had a heart attack when baby girls went out (and then promptly disappeared) in the deep end and despite her safety vest went under…

luckily he wasn’t far away and was able to scoop her up rather quickly. She stayed on the side in the shallow end with her dollies for awhile after that (a day or too max).
The boy is insane, jumping and “swimming” in the deep end, flinging off his vest because he can (apparently) swim now-even though we require the vest on in the deep end at all times. If anything, I think we have to watch them MORE now. I’m terrified of that secondary drowning thing. Can you imagine? They seem fine and then they die in their sleep- your worst nightmare-literally! Even though I’m sure there must be more to the story…?

My first born is spending his first week of August at a local animal camp. It’s a rescue, hospital and shelter for all types of animals-and it’s right down the street. I’m hopeful that he will love spending time with and learning about different animals and sure enough he seems to be having a good time.
It’s hard to know sometimes since he doesn’t tell me stuff (is that already starting? Not telling your mom things… not even how your day was at the tender age of 5..?)

One of my friends who has her little boy at the same camp see a huge rattle snake in her yard and tells us about the horror. Since she lives in the same area as us my fear of these deadly (seriously) snakes comes back. I scan our yard like a madwoman every time I let the kids and our dog outside and I have nightmares about one of them getting bit. I drill them in “snake safety” (probably scaring them more than teaching them). My fear is not irrational however, they do come out in this heat and bites are not entirely uncommon-it does happen.
At a BBQ get together for our Neighborhood (complete with a huge bouncer, snow cones, pony rides and square dancing) a man tells us the terrifying story how a rattle snake bit him twenty minutes AFTER the head had been separated (with huge scissors) from its body. Freaking crazy is my reaction! Apparently this is completely possible. Another dad of a young daughter who will start kindergarten with our son, said that he had to save his kids from a rattlesnake the other week in their POOL. Okay, this is stuff nightmares are made of.

We also have friends over to the house for BBQs of our own. It’s so nice to sit outside eating with good friends, the warm summer breeze, the lush palm trees and the many hot air balloons flying by. Kids are running around the house which now really feels like a home and I feel completely satisfied and comfortable to my core- what a great feeling. I have such a great family, wonderful friends and our house is finally coming together. We have unpacked everything, decorated just enough to be able to live and with some added style (with my mom’s help and excellent touches), I have the kids on somewhat of a schedule, they have gotten “used to” the baby, his colic is basically gone and he is eating (great) and sleeping as well as can be expected (not so great still)!

Even though beautiful, warm and serene, August is the month of creepy crawlers, huge spiders, snakes and even scorpions. BUT, it’s also the month of baby’s baptism!

It will be a time of celebration and family! My husband’s dad will baptize the baby like he did our other two and he will wear the gown my dad wore when he got baptized as the other two did (the baby not my father in law!!)
My parents are both flying in and we have a hectic but fun packed week planned. The whole house is excited!!

We go to the beach, beautiful locations in our new neighborhood, coffee shops and yummy restaurants, outlet malls and even a sightseeing tour of our scenic downtown. We take the “bus that turns into a boat” touring the harbor and the kids love it. I’m sitting with the baby who thankfully sleeps for the first half of the tour-especially since my daughter is out of control and I’m worried about her falling overboard. There is a ton of bouncing, yelling and climbing going on. Luckily she calms down when we spy some dolphins and sea lions up close. Then it is baby boy’s turn to wake up very unhappy. My big boy sits with my dad and they seem to enjoy themselves. Baby cries are escalating but before we know it the now boat turns right back into a bus again and we drive back through the downtown (where I have a lot of fun memories from long ago-some blurrier than others…).

The kids are so excited to have their Swedish grandparents here, my big boy also knows it is the last hurrah before school starts, my daughter loves talking to my mom and do girl stuff with us while the baby really takes to my dad!
My parents go out to dinner with my husband’s parents and have a great time (me sitting up waiting with my tea and my babies like I’m their parent too). We are also treating my parents to a much needed night out at the theatre!

But the main even is Sunday’s baptism, which doesn’t exactly go according to plan…




“Even my muscles have muscles”

So we have started a new work out regime which is pretty crazy (there is no other word for it really). I mean it’s right there in the title “Insanity Max 30”. What is great about it and what we really “like” (in the very general meaning of the word) is that it is only a 30 minute long work out. Half an hour, six days a week (I know, almost every day), we don’t really have any excuses not to fit that into even our busy schedules (and trust me we want to, make up excuses that is).

The thing is, these work-out are so intense (and insane), they want you to max out which translates into literally giving up. If you don’t, your body will. Think you will last thirty minutes? Forget about it, then you are not doing it right, and it’s all about “form” and doing it “correctly” rather than rushing through the exercises without “form”, “sloppingly” (yup, that’s a word…well, it is now!). Think you will do it correctly? Forget about it, these guys in the DVDs are pros, their stamina and strength are insane (literally as the title says, don’t believe me?, I challenge you; try it!) and even they “max out”. They do have a “moderator” who does a simpler version of the exercises, I love him/her (not a transgender thing, nothing wrong with that, but it’s just sometimes a girl moderator only to be a guy moderator the next day, but not the same person!).

Anyways we have been doing these exercises following along the crazy work out sessions on the DVDs for four weeks now (FOUR!) and I’m not even allowed to “cheat” with the moderators any more (stuff just got real). There is no way I can jump like freaking superheroes (more like fly) or be that manically intense, but I’m really trying my hardest to follow along. My husband and I both have certain exercises we simply CANNOT do (it’s like our bodies weren’t designed to bend like that or something) but some things he can do that I can’t and (yes!) some things I can do, that he can’t (ta da!) I also still can’t for the life of me do a standard push-up. I’m so ashamed to admit this and can’t believe I am, but the whole “down all the way, up all the way”, CAN…NOT…BE…DONE. In the same way I can’t physically do a pull up I guess. Okay, I’m already disclosing too much and who cares anyways right!? (Did I mention I have a doctors degree and am raising two wild kids?…oh, good!)

I don’t like to admit this either, because we do have other stuff in common (of course we do) but we are totally bonding over these work outs and strength training, hubby and I. I might not be a “sporty work out person” per say (ha ha ha ha, insert laughing/crying emoji here) but what I am is stubborn and I do not give up easily (ask anyone who knows me).

I know how you look doesn’t matter (as long as you are healthy etc, but will someone please tell our society and  social media that!?) but who doesn’t want to slim down a bit in the summer time. I have never really “rocked” a bikini (even if some nice souls would disagree and compliment my curves-truth is I simply might have too many-curves) but I have looked “fine” in one (as in okay not fiiiine, if you catch what I’m trying to say) but after two kids….

I’m am not going to blame these wonderful, beautiful children of mine though (well…) but pregnancy and childbirth (add nursing) does nothing for your looks (add “mom pouch”). I do want to become “tighter”, more in shape, leaner and better, who doesn’t, seriously? And there is no miracle pill to take…
For ME though which is (mostly) true. Now with my stubbornness and “all or nothing” mindset this is going quite well.

An individual promoting these work out DVDs said that they worked so well even “my muscles now have muscles”. Not that I want “muscles” exactly but let’s just say in my case I don’t have to worry about that, I just don’t want my “mom pooch to have a mom pooch ” eh…? Or something like that.

I have been “into” working out since my husband, then boyfriend, gave me a trainer for my first birthday as his girlfriend. I know some of my friends (and mom) gasped; “the nerve of him” but to everybody’s surprise, most of all my own, it turned out to be a great, useful gift! I loved it (again, might be a strong word to describe it, maybe a more passionate love/hate relationship is more accurate). Over the years, I have become great friends with my trainer (and even if I told her at our first session that I didn’t want to sweat, I have been sweating plenty since) and I have seen her 1-4 times a week for six years through both my pregnancies, move from apartment to house, child births (four between us), parties and celebrations and I still push (!) harder when she mentions the magic words “bikini body”.

I don’t think that I will ever get a “bikini body” (whatever that means, and please I resent those words as much as the next gal…and what are we really teaching our daughters…and all that), because of my ginormous thighs…but there is definitely room for improvement (major).

For this Fourth of July, celebrating with my hubby’s family (pretty ginormous too-the family I mean not the family members… at all) at the beach I want to at least be able to squeeze into one (bikini that is). Not that anybody is judging a mama of two with a baby…but for myself…ME people!

So after this crazy, insane work out regime and watching my diet and buying a new swimsuit (or two) I …still went swimming in my t-shirt and shorts…

But I’ll tell you one thing, I embraced where I was and who I was with. I went in the ocean with my kids, I played on the beach, I buried my (newly tortured… I mean painted) nails in the sand and I had FUN!!!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July Weekend and flaunted what you have mamas!! (mom pooch or not)
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