The magical month of July!!

How come the magical and arguably the best month of summer July,no school; end OR start, no stress, (wait was the “no stress” part before having children!?) always go so fast?. It races away in a haze.

Our July doesn’t start great with illness and almost unbearable heat. We are trying to save by not turning on the AC as much in the house but with our many large windows framing the family and living room it creates a vacuum of heat and you can hardly breathe. The kids have swimming three days a week (and are making great advances-when they listen to the swim instructor that is) and no camps. I signed my daughter up for dance Friday mornings and have the nanny come entertain my oldest (or is it the other way around?!).

I’m keeping baby girl out of the pool the first week due to some “diaper issues” (those swim diapers are not really built for holding anything, now are they) and I’m trying to save our pool (and myself from a major clean up) and my daughter from embarrassment (she totally wouldn’t care) even though she is feeling better. She is very mad that brother gets to swim and very curious about the swim instructor. We (meaning my daughter) watch brother every lesson in full on swim gear even though only toes (and feet) can go in the pool. Every time my son needs to work towards a promise of a favorite thing in order to listen to instructions (since he doesn’t like most food the options are limited and pretty much narrowed down to “Subway” , frozen yoghurt (ice cream) or a cookie at Starbucks (don’t judge). I also promised him a small toy if he will swim by the end of the four weeks. His listening skills are improved by constant reminders but he tends to forget very frequently and has been known to do “his own thing”. The instructor who apparently used to be an elite swimmer gets very frustrated-seemingly much better at swimming than dealing with small kids.

All the lessons means less social time outside of the house, especially if you add soccer Mondays and dance Fridays but we are still able to steal some ice cream dates with close friends. By the end of that first week the kids are all feeling like themselves again and I am beyond relieved to be out of the bad diapers/added laundry (gross) trenches!

I finally think the leaking of various body fluids (I know major yuck! …oddly enough less so if you are a parent of little kids…or maybe not so odd considering the frequency of said fluids..) is over. I venture out to Target. With the oldest (still recovering somewhat) safely at home with daddy (watching football) , I bring the other two.

Since I am the youngest’s walking, talking food source (and since hubby is not quite comfortable with him yet) he is coming too!
He is all smiles so it clearly (almost…eh not fully) make up for the two year old’s whining.

I know she has been sick and all and that she is tired but come on…everything is “no”.
Are you hungry, tired, need diaper change, hug…new shoes? No, no, no!
She is in full on 2 year mode, and of course everything I do is wrong-and she complains about it-loudly!!

I’m barely hanging on as I scroll down my “iPhone reminder list” of stuff we really need (and you know a few… occasional extras) as my toddler is reduced to tears after not getting a new “Peppa Pig” toy! In my head I mentally repeat “avoid the toy aisle…always always avoid the toy aisle…even if it means getting creative with diversion strategies and round about ways to get to the things you want. Even if you need something in the aisle next to the toys- do not, I repeat, do NOT pass them!!”
No shortcuts parents-this is serious mental planning. Think I should suck it up and take the whining, crying, melt down, “tantruming”?
Let me tell you many of time-I have and let’s just say it’s so not worth it, but today she spied this toy and being in the mood she is in; its all over…

I briefly distract her with some new shiny shoes but let’s face it- they are no Peppa pig’s dream house substitute…
At least the full on drama tears have subsided into heavy sobs and violent hiccups, not (barely) facing this brave mama! But here we are back to full on tantrum tears (aren’t they the most fun “people are officially starring and judging” kind”). Wait, what the heck happened now???
Oh, I see who was the complete idiot putting “Doc McStuffin’s” Lego set amongst the shoes huh, huh??

It’s clearly time to escape this place before my perfect little angel of a baby boy wakes up too- not so perfect…and far from an angel.

It’s Sunday-therefore all lines are long. When we are up next and I think we made it, guess who wakes up…?

The not so sympathetic cashier ring up my items painfully slow as both my kiddos wail, scream, yell and cry in a potpourri of scorned, disappointed, ignored, hurtful (as well as hungry) emotions. They are clearly being unfairly treated (according to everyone but me. This is when the cashier holds up a pink and purple Peppa Pig set (well…you know…) with some suspicious brown stains on them. I match her disgusted look at first genuinely confused …until I look down at the cart…and the seat occupied by my daughter…



Happy friggin 4th!!!

Hubby is scheduled to fly out early morning on the Fourth of July and I’m not going to lie- it sucks!

But we are not going to let that keep us from the fun-oh no!

We have a full day of celebration planned this year. We are going to a parade (have never seen a real live American parade before and am really excited!!) in our neighborhood and fireworks by the beach (love fireworks) and we are bringing grandma and grandpa (and hopefully uncle, aunt and cousins as well) along! I have bought food for a family BBQ and festive paper plates, cups and utensils as well as quite a few Independence Day decorations! I have also laid out matching flag colored outfits for myself and all the three kids! The weather promises to be warm and sunny but not too hot. Maybe we can swim in the pool and grandparents can take the littlest baby so that I actually get to cool down and splash around as well. I can’t wait to spend some much needed quality play time with my kids!

I’m in high spirits; baby’s first fourth- lets do this!!!

And then darling daughter wakes up with a fever and then an extremely runny (smelly, leaky) diaper….
Which after breakfast leads to another…and another…with the mood to follow!
Can you say; complete toddler meltdown!

So yeah, we wave bye bye to daddy dearest (oh yeah; thanks for leaving me Hun!) as I rapidly begin to understand that nobody is going to want to hang out with us on this very special day…

Holiday or not, kids get sick and there is nothing you can do about it. I cancel all our plans with friends as well as family. It’s all good, we will make it work, it is just the crankiness and the overwhelming loneliness I feel when kid number two starts throwing up…

I order in food, but right now I only have one kid willing to eat and that would be the one without any teeth!

Its not like I have time to eat anything anyways, I’m running around like a mad woman, and strangely enough the idea of eating while people around me (and on me) are vomiting (and dry heaving) does not seem that appetizing…

I stream YouTube videos on the tv and keep changing diapers, smearing diaper rash cream, wiping butts as well as tears and pushing fluids.

I desperately stage some photos in memory of this “special” day of all my little kiddos in their outfits (good thing my “fancy” camera snaps dozens of photos in seconds because there are no willing participants and especially my daughter will not stand for it) on the patio- which turn out more sad than funny (keeping up the facade right…or not).

I change them out of their celebratory clothes right after our private little (disastrous) photo shoot scared any nasty fluids will make the nice outfits filthy (the washer and dryer already working overtime).
Of course my toddler throws another tantrum wanting to keep her red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger dress on…

Let’s just say I’m in for a long night…

The kind of night where in between nightly nursing session (and they are plenty) I have to change sheets twice (we are now out of sheets that fit our bed), wrestle as well as share said bed with not one, not two, but three sweaty, germy kids (good thing I love them). I also have one of them throw up as I brush their teeth-after having thrown up…Hate when that happens!

I’m laying awake in our big bed (that suddenly feels small and cramped) when all the kiddos are finally asleep listening to each of their individual breathing patterns, (one arm around my beautiful daughter and another around my littlest man, while my big helper sleeps by my feet…for some reason) listening to their little whimpers and snores and my heart fills with so my love that I can hardly stand it…

Yes, they are a handful, and messy and smelly and oh so loud but at the end of the day I am just so so grateful to have them! Grateful that they are here with me, healthy and happy and whole (even with a nasty stomach bug) . They are my biggest accomplishments; who would have knows after my degrees and my diplomas that being a mommy would make me feel so important, so proud and so extraordinary!

Hope you had a great 4th of July this year everyone-I did despite it all (I have to admit it was pretty bad…and sad). I had a holiday I didn’t expect, one that I didn’t see coming and I was all alone to handle it all. But I think maybe that we have all been there one time or another and anyways; isn’t that what us mothers do…? We care and we fix…and we handle!

Too late I realize there in the pitch black room (while my five year old is mumbling something about Star Wars and transformers in his sleep) that I forgot to cancel the swim instructor-scheduled to come first thing in the morning…


“Even my muscles have muscles”

So we have started a new work out regime which is pretty crazy (there is no other word for it really). I mean it’s right there in the title “Insanity Max 30”. What is great about it and what we really “like” (in the very general meaning of the word) is that it is only a 30 minute long work out. Half an hour, six days a week (I know, almost every day), we don’t really have any excuses not to fit that into even our busy schedules (and trust me we want to, make up excuses that is).

The thing is, these work-out are so intense (and insane), they want you to max out which translates into literally giving up. If you don’t, your body will. Think you will last thirty minutes? Forget about it, then you are not doing it right, and it’s all about “form” and doing it “correctly” rather than rushing through the exercises without “form”, “sloppingly” (yup, that’s a word…well, it is now!). Think you will do it correctly? Forget about it, these guys in the DVDs are pros, their stamina and strength are insane (literally as the title says, don’t believe me?, I challenge you; try it!) and even they “max out”. They do have a “moderator” who does a simpler version of the exercises, I love him/her (not a transgender thing, nothing wrong with that, but it’s just sometimes a girl moderator only to be a guy moderator the next day, but not the same person!).

Anyways we have been doing these exercises following along the crazy work out sessions on the DVDs for four weeks now (FOUR!) and I’m not even allowed to “cheat” with the moderators any more (stuff just got real). There is no way I can jump like freaking superheroes (more like fly) or be that manically intense, but I’m really trying my hardest to follow along. My husband and I both have certain exercises we simply CANNOT do (it’s like our bodies weren’t designed to bend like that or something) but some things he can do that I can’t and (yes!) some things I can do, that he can’t (ta da!) I also still can’t for the life of me do a standard push-up. I’m so ashamed to admit this and can’t believe I am, but the whole “down all the way, up all the way”, CAN…NOT…BE…DONE. In the same way I can’t physically do a pull up I guess. Okay, I’m already disclosing too much and who cares anyways right!? (Did I mention I have a doctors degree and am raising two wild kids?…oh, good!)

I don’t like to admit this either, because we do have other stuff in common (of course we do) but we are totally bonding over these work outs and strength training, hubby and I. I might not be a “sporty work out person” per say (ha ha ha ha, insert laughing/crying emoji here) but what I am is stubborn and I do not give up easily (ask anyone who knows me).

I know how you look doesn’t matter (as long as you are healthy etc, but will someone please tell our society and  social media that!?) but who doesn’t want to slim down a bit in the summer time. I have never really “rocked” a bikini (even if some nice souls would disagree and compliment my curves-truth is I simply might have too many-curves) but I have looked “fine” in one (as in okay not fiiiine, if you catch what I’m trying to say) but after two kids….

I’m am not going to blame these wonderful, beautiful children of mine though (well…) but pregnancy and childbirth (add nursing) does nothing for your looks (add “mom pouch”). I do want to become “tighter”, more in shape, leaner and better, who doesn’t, seriously? And there is no miracle pill to take…
For ME though which is (mostly) true. Now with my stubbornness and “all or nothing” mindset this is going quite well.

An individual promoting these work out DVDs said that they worked so well even “my muscles now have muscles”. Not that I want “muscles” exactly but let’s just say in my case I don’t have to worry about that, I just don’t want my “mom pooch to have a mom pooch ” eh…? Or something like that.

I have been “into” working out since my husband, then boyfriend, gave me a trainer for my first birthday as his girlfriend. I know some of my friends (and mom) gasped; “the nerve of him” but to everybody’s surprise, most of all my own, it turned out to be a great, useful gift! I loved it (again, might be a strong word to describe it, maybe a more passionate love/hate relationship is more accurate). Over the years, I have become great friends with my trainer (and even if I told her at our first session that I didn’t want to sweat, I have been sweating plenty since) and I have seen her 1-4 times a week for six years through both my pregnancies, move from apartment to house, child births (four between us), parties and celebrations and I still push (!) harder when she mentions the magic words “bikini body”.

I don’t think that I will ever get a “bikini body” (whatever that means, and please I resent those words as much as the next gal…and what are we really teaching our daughters…and all that), because of my ginormous thighs…but there is definitely room for improvement (major).

For this Fourth of July, celebrating with my hubby’s family (pretty ginormous too-the family I mean not the family members… at all) at the beach I want to at least be able to squeeze into one (bikini that is). Not that anybody is judging a mama of two with a baby…but for myself…ME people!

So after this crazy, insane work out regime and watching my diet and buying a new swimsuit (or two) I …still went swimming in my t-shirt and shorts…

But I’ll tell you one thing, I embraced where I was and who I was with. I went in the ocean with my kids, I played on the beach, I buried my (newly tortured… I mean painted) nails in the sand and I had FUN!!!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July Weekend and flaunted what you have mamas!! (mom pooch or not)
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